NEURONprocessing Reporter

The current message digest of the NEURONprocessing society – of the current message digest of the NEURONprocessing company – the NEURONprocessing reporter – is available now on the Revolutionary iPhone and iPod touch from Apple. The technical basis is an Apple Web app”, which provides the users the well-known headings: NEURONprocessing reporter spending, press archive, and an overview of all events. Web apps – or even Web applications combine the possibilities of the Internet technology of the iPhone and iPod touch with the intuitive multi-touch. This innovative solution, it is for the user to stay anywhere and at any time possible on the further development of NEURONprocessing. The current NEURONprocessing reporter as a Web app will find on the Apple website at iPhone / Web apps: webapps/news/neuronprocessingreporter.html.

The NEURONprocessing company founded in August 2006, bR, developed a software for the realization of “Structured collective intelligence or swarm intelligence”. As MultiUser expert system are bundled in the core of the solutions of more knowledge carrier. The Web and multi-platform base allows users a high degree of cooperation with professional tools. A key tool is the NEURONprocessing method, which is based on perception, brain and consciousness research. Their strength lies in the use of alternative thinking cars and information complexes of the brain. This combination of research, methodology, and IT enables a new form of brain-based, networked knowledge generation and management for problem solving and creativity processes.

Optimal results are achieved in the following application areas: basic research, problem solving, concept development, idea generation, validation of ideas, persons and company profiles, reconstruction and prediction of events, as well as future research. The NEURONprocessing company is headquartered technology and start-up Centre in Munich in the gate Garchinger. This is located on the campus of the Technical University of Munich (TUM), the Faculty of computer science and the Leibniz Supercomputing Centre (LRZ) with the fastest supercomputer of in Germany. NEURONprocessing was recorded in the framework of the high-tech offensive Bayern and the software offensive Bayern in the gate and is promoted through the services of the incubator.