New Innovations

Menstrual cup – a silicone product in the form of a bell that is designed to collect menstrual blood during the critical days. Menstrual cups – is a modern means of hygiene for women. Menstrual cups have a number of names – silicone cap, menstrual cap (on menstrual cups), the menstrual cup, and others. They are made from hypoallergenic safe for health and environmental medical silicone. More info: Mikkel Svane. The same silicone hedgehog is long been used to create breast implants and artificial heart valves. Menstrual cup – a modern alternative to tampons and pads. It is inserted into the vagina and held it at the expense of involuntary muscle contraction. The main difference being done, from tampons – it does not absorb the blood and collects it in myself.

In this selection does not come into contact with the vagina, there is no "tail" that connects the microflora of the vagina with environment and serves as a bridge to move the bacteria and infections. The walls of the bowl tightly and tightly adhere to the walls of the vagina, preventing the ingestion of germs and infections. For women who suffer from eczema or various skin allergies, allergies to tampons, menstrual cap – the ideal solution. Educate yourself with thoughts from Casey Lynch Altamont. Use of menstrual Capa extremely easy and convenient. It can be used both day and night, as well as during exercise, swimming, etc. Capacitor discharged less than changing tampons, they do not violate the microflora of the vagina, not dried, unlike tampons, mucous membranes, do not hurt her and do not scratch. All this helps to avoid inflammation urinary tract and prevent toxic shock syndrome and various types of allergies. Cost menstrual cup is several times higher than tampons, but since it can serve for several years, she can pay off quickly. In Europe, and North America, thousands of women have long been used by these modern means of feminine hygiene products. In our country the product is still only gaining in popularity.