New Mathematical Vision

In this article we want to show a curious fact that comes to prove, one more time, that the mathematics is the great tool of the natural laws. The drawings of numbers, in any modality of? games of chance? , they are not, as we thought until here, random occurrences. This discovery will go to revolutionize the probability concept as we will show soon below. Read additional details here: Energy Capital Partners. We will demonstrate that the drafted sets of ten, any that they are, are grouped in families and, its amounts obey a rule dictated for a mathematical equation. We made experiments with the most varied forms of? games of chance? e, in all they evidence the validity of the theory? The Mathematics of the Evolution? for which the nature guides all its phenomena. Focalizao in the Mega Sena When we analyze, for example, the lottery of? Mega Sena? of the Federal government saving bank, that chooses by lot 6 sets of ten amongst sixty, we had in mind? full bad luck.

But, in the truth, it is not well thus; the drafted sets of ten, constituted of two units that have origin in different containers (one of them with the set of zero numbers five and other with the set of zero numbers the nine), has? life? personality? , individuality. In the sets, when kept, them if they become? inert? , as if? they hibernassem? e, in the new drawings? they wake up? , with all its? qualities. Through the theory? The mathematics of the evolution? we obtain to decipher, in part, the secret of the drawings of the games of chance. It seems us that each drafted set of ten already had certain? propensity? it stops? to appear? , if? to show? e, since that it was not molested by external interventions (cleanness, exchange for another fellow creature, has caused an accident, etc.), it would be remained unchanged in its? qualities. We confess that this notion on? qualities? of each set of ten, individually, she is mere speculative and it is not protected by the theory, at least, in this research. To less, as it will be seen more ahead in this article that, it can be verified that some sets of ten have greater probability to be drafted of what others. This is very easy of if verifying inasmuch as, as we will see, the theory foresees the amounts of sets of ten that will have to consist in each one of families i who denote the amounts of sets of ten that will have to appear 0 (zero)/(i = 0) time, 1 (i = 1) time, 2 (i = 2) times, 3 (i = 3) times, etc., after a number n of drawings.