New Platform For Teaching Materials

Since January 28, 2010, the platform on the Internet is accessible. Since January 28, 2010, the platform on the Internet is accessible. It is aimed at parents, teachers, trainees but also to authors and publishers. The website is very clearly designed and includes a wide range of work sheets, copy templates and educational games. In the main subjects German, mathematics and English are offered also teaching and learning materials for students with dyslexia and dyscalculia.

Exercises for the concentration training as also various guides for parents, teachers and trainees are also available at voucher for new customers the Internet portal launches a new customer-focused strategy and offered a voucher for new customers over 5 euros. The customer will also receive this after opening a customer account by email. The voucher is redeemable immediately and requires no minimum order quantity. Starting at 99 cents a download is possible. It is therefore possible without the portal for free to test risk customers. Trainees receive a discount at in addition by 20 percent.

A template for trainees is located on the Web page, this must only be stamped by the school and can be sent by fax or mail to the owner of the portal. The portal operator has recognised the time pressure the PayPal payment option allows for an instant download of the material. Especially for parents, a timely deployment of exercises for the preparations on class work is often essential. The portal also offers payment options to advance payment, invoice and cash on delivery. In addition to downloads, also the acquisition of physical goods is possible, this shipping is only 4.90 euros. focuses on quality and service a quality of work materials assures its customers when purchasing of teaching and learning resources. To comply with this standard, check all the operators of the platform Documents of the authors prior to deploying the portal, on adherence to content as well as educational requirements. Questions regarding the materials or the delivery of physical goods, customers can contact support, and alternatively a service number from 7.00 to 19.00 available users on weekdays. Make money with authors and publishers can offer their materials for sale on the platform. Whether educational games, worksheets, or copy templates, money makes with good materials in the long run earn. The portal its authors guarantees a reasonable remuneration in the form of a participation in the net sales in contrast to many other platforms. As well, the author is named and can submit references to future clients. Testing of all materials ensures that only high quality teaching and learning materials are offered on the portal In an internal Forum is for authors the opportunity to exchange ideas and corrections to request. Link: