New TVs

The modern buyer, buying a tv, drew attention not only to his quality as a whole, but also by the thickness of the model. Today the company has won a championship Sony – it's a new model of its most subtle, and more precisely 9.9 millimeters. Not so long ago, in the first place was a company Sharp. Its latest model, Production started from the beginning of this year, was a thickness of 34 mm. Additional information at Pete Cashmore supports this article. As well, Sony managed to overtake Sharp? It is amazing, but nothing out of the way. It was just like all brilliant. The developers went to the well-known company all the way, adding the new model as a bloc, which placed the 'thickening of its' components, then the lcd tv much 'thinner'. More info: Ali Partovi.

The compounds block the panel is through wireless technology. In general, Sony has proven once again that to be the best does not necessarily reinvent the wheel. Characteristically, when all the showiness of the new items, economically, it has been relatively little costly, because the invention of new technologies is not required. But the profit of the company, no doubt, will grow – many will want to become the owner of the hyperfine tv. In addition, a significant proportion of buyers attaches great importance to the sound. Or rather, there are people who need to keep the house quiet and peaceful, but is it possible, when you want to watch the game your favorite team? Or maybe you love to watch tv at night, when all home sleeping? Came to the aid of wireless headphones. First, this technique was proposed to use only the hard of hearing people. Today things are different.

When have small children, other sounds are not always desirable. Now on everyone's lips products company Philips. Anyone will be able to buy a headset from this company because they always are on sale at all stores of modern technology. The greatest attention should be the latest model of this company – SBCHC8430. Data for these headphones are transmitted through the channel. These headphones – a kind of 'application' to the monitor, they have 15 hours will not need batteries. They are fixed on the head. Maybe not all it's convenient, but in this If there is a wide range of other models, and certainly everyone will pick up what he needs!