New Window System

The new REHAU window system GENEO FIPRO high-tech material RAU-FIPRO was exclusively for the realisation of GENEO develops and offers previously unknown material properties in the window construction. Without hesitation GoPro Hero 9 explained all about the problem. Composite materials have proven for years under the harshest conditions in motor sport or in the construction of aircraft. REHAU deploys successfully the material with GENEO profile core, what ensures outstanding stability and torsional rigidity. At the same time reduces the use of RAU-FIPRO the weight of the finished window by up to forty percent. This feature facilitates the Assembly and transport.

Environmental protection and a more economical use of resources are as important in the construction sector like never before. Whether new construction or renovation of an existing property, the reduction of energy losses plays an important role in the planning and is a prerequisite for energy-efficient construction. A sustained trend that not only for the energy conservation and the energy performance certificate for buildings is up-to-date, however with ever-scarcer raw materials steadily explosive gains. It applies in particular to minimize the heat loss of the building. Losses are often caused by poorly insulated Windows and facade elements, so that when developing the new REHAU window profile generation on the optimization of energy efficiency was the main focus. The result is REHAU GENEO, a completely new windowing system, which in particular through the use of modern and specially developed material RAU-FIPRO in combination with an innovative design of profile stands out. Windows with perfect insulation properties are the result.

86 mm on the market could be positioned with GENEO currently energetically best window profile system in the depth. GENEO profiles allow the realization of the most energy-efficient window of their class. Due to their special insulating properties, they provide for an up to date unmatched feel-good climate. At the same time they meet all requirements, today placed on a modern window, such as excellent noise reduction or effective burglar resistance.