Nietzsche & Scrates

Scrates father of the philosophy dared to question, it wanted to find answers for questions answered only for myths and that the erudite sofistas if did not worry, Nietzsche also dared to question, but the main difference that Scrates de Nietzsche separates is that Nietzsche beyond questioning it also thought, understood it for few, by the way, it will be that it understood somebody it had opinion formed in determined subjects, and more Nietzsche was very criticizes, in rare texts can read Nietzsche praising a type of system finds such rarities in the Antichrist where it praises the Buddhism and criticizes vehement the Christianity, it simply he does not attack he annoys what it for a vacant and subjective questioning, but looked for to convince the people of its opinion. this really fantastic age, therefore it broke the barrier of the word philosophy it left to influence the search for the truth to offer its truth for the others..