Solar farms and solar plants properly securing owner of a photovoltaic system must guard especially against theft. The number of thefts is namely greatly increased in recent years. As various journals report comes it in Germany or in Europe increasingly to theft in solar farms. Therefore, the anti-theft device for photovoltaic systems is always interesting for companies in the solar industry. The most spectacular case is accordingly of the 3.3 MW solar Park, which operates a semi-public providers from Italy in the Tuscany. Where “lost” came in during the last year, 7,000 of a total 60,000 modules. Stir a usage of the Italian police, who had traced stolen panels to the value of 100,000 and after Morocco prevented the further transport on ships off the coast of Puglia had in 2007. Then the “scream” was of course huge after a new anti-theft device for photovoltaic systems.

Researchers have developed various anti-theft devices for Photovoltaic systems. Two methods of this anti-theft devices, photovoltaic systems are discussed in the text and whose benefits represented. The first method is the so-called “PV-guardian”: the GPS use “PV-guardian” consists of a chip already produced during the production of the photovoltaic cell. The geographical coordinates of the photovoltaic system are programmed into the chip. The Panel will be dismantled and reinstalled to a different location, the chip must be reprogrammed by an approved expert. Only a certain group of people should be in possession of the requisite secret codes.

The password will not or incorrectly entered, the module will be inoperable in a matter of seconds. The prototype of this anti-theft device for photovoltaic systems includes production costs about 100 euros. If the PV-guardian in series production, cost 40 euros are likely to fall. It was then significantly cheaper than a security guard or a theft insurance. This is only an advantage of an anti-theft device for photovoltaic systems. Another way of an anti-theft device for photovoltaic systems is the LiteSUN: LiteSUN is the anti-theft device for photovoltaic modules. It produces a light chain, which joins photovoltaic modules with a fiber cable: the removal of a module interrupts the fiber and triggers an alarm signal. Fiber cable is a “Do-it yourselfers”, which requires no special tools: anyone can install it and assemble the connector. But this method of theft for photovoltaic systems has further advantages: no false contact: the alarm is only triggered when the fiber is cut off or severely damaged. Simple movements of the fiber are not perceived; cost: a single active device can up to 100kw/500 PV module protection fully compatible with any PV module and alarm device suitable for new and existing PV systems, as well as open spaces – and roof-mounted systems all weather Festival: humidity and UV resistant cable not be bridged light signals 100% error-free: fiber transfers only light, no electricity, and can be laid hence in addition to power cable isolation: fiber protects the equipment from lightning strikes and now two ways of anti-theft devices, photovoltaic systems that were discussed were the ground loop. Of course, both methods are very good and interesting to protect themselves from the thefts, but it is still very important to consult properly before such a purchase. This saves much effort and many costs. Without you on anti-theft devices, photovoltaic systems but should definitely not.