Pilots Worried

Sebastian Vettel, Fernando Alonso and Adrian Sutil have publicly admitted his concern before degradation that present the tyres of the new Pirelli unique supplier for this season, claiming, in addition, that will be a problem for all pilots Grill and it difficult training prior to each race. The problem is that degrade very quickly, said the current champion Sebastian Vettel to Austrian television Servus TV. in turn 16 or 17 are falling to pieces, adding that it will possibly make to the cars 10 seconds slower. The young German pilot also said that now there is no enough t empo. Pirelli to redesign and rebuild the tyres to be used in the 2011 season What is left to the pilots is to deal in the best possible way with them. He also said that a mistake would be to think that this could benefit more careful drivers as Jenson Button. The problem is that after a certain number of turns the Tire has reached the end of its useful life, no matter what the pilot do, added the German. Alonso Meanwhile acknowledged this last Monday in an act organized by Banco Santander that hard tires degrade as quickly as the soft, so try different strategies nor bring nothing, since the top teams can not risk, why this circumstance will benefit slower cars which can test different strategies without a huge impact on its results.

The pilot of Force India, Adrian sutil, told Auto Motor und Sport, said that when Pirelli tires degrade is like roll with a street car, like carry intermediates. I have tried to try different things, for example, rolling a 20% slower at the beginning and that you only win some back. We are probably going to be facing us all at the same time to the same problems, said Sutil. What if she said subtle is that such excessive degradation, coupled with the limitation of use of dry tyres per driver in each race, will result which will do less work in free practice before each Grand Prix. Once of been demoted already cannot be proved nothing, he said. Original author and source of the article