Planting Trees

For three or four years, until there is a fashion for large-sized, forest management units in the Moscow region is almost completely finished the planting. Now the trees are bringing in from Tver, Smolensk, and other areas as well as from Belarus. Ponyatie "kpupnomep> uclovno because do not cuschectvuet konkpetnoy vycoty , during kotopoy ono kpupnomepom. Large-sized – is formed, mature trees, with well-developed crown. Minimum height for large-sized usually think of two meters of coniferous trees, and from 4-4,5 meters of hardwood trees. Maximum height may reach 10-12 meters. Russia's large-sized – is Norway spruce, Scots pine, linden, mountain ash, birch.

Work on landing domestic large-sized trees are made preferably in the winter. Planting trees is formed by digging with a lump of earth, the ground is frozen. This keeps the root system as tree, which is almost 100% guarantee survival rate at the new location. There are three types of large-sized seed. 1. With an open or closed root system. Planting these trees is in spring or fall (preferably in spring) in a strictly defined period of time.

Cost 5.8 meter deciduous tree is 150-250 dollars, 1,5-2,5 m juniper – 50-100 dollars. The price also includes delivery, planting and warranty. This method can be transplanted only deciduous trees (linden, birch, maple, mountain ash, oak, chestnut, etc.). From conifers – juniper just an ordinary (Juniperus communis), provided that the large-sized will pritenyat. Planted by large-sized need very good Care: Regular watering, feeding, handling stimulants, sprinkling the crown.