Poem Bag

When finances allow to make an expensive gift, go to a swanky restaurant or donate million of scarlet roses, then, as a rule, no question arises as to congratulate his beloved's birthday. Then, just arranged a romantic evening in the restaurant and delivered a smart and welcome gift. But how to congratulate a loved one on his birthday, when there is no money for more? I have had this situation when, during a band of black life the day of the birth of a loved one. I will share with you my solution, maybe someone else useful scenario as a whole, or any means of delivery. The basic idea of greeting is that we buy 'a lot' of small gifts and hide them around the home. With each small gift will be a congratulatory poem to this small gifts and a hint where to look next gift.

Here to help you will receive part of our Site 'Greeting to poetry gifts' So, I'll try to remember everything in order, if you miss something – is not very important. It is important to understand the main idea and express their imagination. Began by saying that he bought a small bag of coffee '3 in 1 ' made a small incision in the bag and put it back the next clue: If you popesh coffee, the hints they will find this bag placed in the file, along with chocolate and a small greeting card. On the first postcard intriguing element of congratulations – Poem: A gift can fly.