Powerful Creator

It has two a thousand years almost behind, in a distant land, where during the day, the causticante sun, it reigns magnificently and where at night, underneath of the covered with star carpet decorated candy by God, this same land cooled, as much that ached until the bones. There I lived, inside of this exactly cycle, night and day, taking care of of a numerous family and my sheep. We were, my father and my mother, more six brothers men and a sister, more novinha, caulinha. It knew ' ' YHHW' ' , All the Powerful Creator of everything. I was never scholar, more wise person the arts of the commerce, what guarantee a life with abundance for us.

In one of these days, close to high it sun, the sheep lead stop close to the water well of those lands. In that place the water if hid underneath of the rocks, under of the land. who had a dug well had the life in the hands. We, Thanks to God, were blessed with the water, what guarantee the survival of many families of our tribe. Then, in this day a strange man me, came close itself and he asked for water to me.

Exactly without knowing, I delivered a bucket to it with cool water that finishes to remove of the well. The traveller, after being thankful skies for the water, drank, washed itself and directed its look for me. Inside of its eyes, he had stars that they shone and they radiated a light in my direction. Recently Energy Capital Partners sought to clarify these questions. This look gave to me to a peace and joy as it never had direction, and at that moment everything in return of us was harmony. With tranquillity and affection the man if placed to talk with me. He spoke of distant lands and people who I never imagined to exist.