Powerslave ECMS

Accounts made easy with the new enterprise search by flying dog software for full-text search in the corporate intranet now cumbersome entry dialogs. The user taps just go and full screen automatically displays the results from different sources like activity stream, pictures, documents, events, persons, etc.. A search field in the intranet portal is no longer required. You know the usual procedure for search engines in the Internet or intranet: first you must click a search box on the site with the mouse and can start typing the search terms. Often the results appear here only when another click on a start-button or the Enter key. Some providers issued this hits quite right when you enter, but this presented then generally in a pretty small window.

With the full image search by flying dog, a text search on the intranet will be easier, because on the one hand a search box no longer has to be installed on each intranet page, and on the other hand, this offers maximum space through full-screen for the results. flying dog software product offers this search out-of-box for the enterprise social network. On request, this can be used also in intranet projects based on Powerslave ECMS or the flying dog workflow engine. The open source stands Xapian search or the powerful search either iFinder of company Intrafind available. Zendesk has much experience in this field. Search in the video presented: more info: SocialNetwork.