Prada Sunglasses

The success history of the family company Prada. It began in 1913 with elegant leather goods. Brothers Mario and Martino Prada produced and sold bags, suitcases, shoes and gloves and put this on quality from the outset. in 1978, the granddaughter and heiress of Miuccia Prada, the company it is today took over. She expanded the product range to a collection of clothing for the creative patterned and colorful like substances at the same time more simple cut and running case are characteristic. The handbag Division learned a fashionable new interpretation, in addition to the classics by Miuccia Prada brought an own model designs, partly made of textile material. The up to date a little in the years lost, somewhat conservative company received fresh momentum. It doesn’t take long, there appeared first plagiarism by Prada designer pieces. It was obvious that Prada someday as well the glasses for themselves discovered. In addition to those to improve the appearance of there of course, Prada sunglasses. Some of them are already classics become and be reissued each year with the usual design. Large, slightly oval and slightly slanting glass inside a framework of medium width. Customers can choose glass in different shades, as well as with the frame made of several colors or patterns make their choice. In addition to this type of model that timeless acts, because he can be slightly each season on the just latest fashion adapted, Prada has more own sunglasses in the program. In the sunglasses online shop are HIT to see the latest models from the Prada collection and to purchase. The Aviator style inspired and futuristic-looking Sun glasses with wide straps, providing additional sun radiation protection at the sides in addition to its fashionable aspect there is in variable versions. Other models for men and women are less spectacular, but still of high aesthetics and elegance. In addition to predominantly more businesslike designs, Prada has also a women’s sunglasses on sale, whose side bars filled with many fine silver metal studs are reminiscent of rhinestones. To all sunglasses, customers will receive an original Prada glasses case with a Microfiber cleaning cloth. Of course give the lenses 100% UV protection in accordance with the CE-3 rating. In the overview of the Prada sunglasses lists all relevant dimensions of the eyeglass frames. So, customers can determine their matching glasses model online. The total width of the glasses, glasses height and width, nose bridge width and length of bracket are perfectly stored. The measure comparison with existing glasses provides the best personal criteria. The fitting mode of is downright awesome: for the favorite model the customer can upload his own photo and see immediately whether the glasses is him. Rudolf Hancock