Professor Andres Crull

In such a way the demand for foods, water and even though vulnerable natural resources comes increasing each time more, reason this to justify so great devastao in the tropical forests, being thus about a question politics. The documentary one calls the attention for the new technological advances that of a side in them brought progressos in the medicine, but on the other hand came to contribute in the devastao of the nature. The author affirms that we must separate the reality of the fiction, therefore the information concerning the destruction of the planet necessary and is based on science, and of some form we as human beings independent of which country we inhabit we must take serious these information. The author makes an essential comment in its set of documents, affirming that the destruction of the planet comes being of gradual form, that is, is suffering with this destruction to the few, feeling the consequences day after day, being this one of the reasons for which we in such a way delay to take the due ones steps. After the exposition of the set of documents, the Professor Andres Crull pronounced a lecture the same approaching subject, affirming that much people believe that the earthquake is a revenge of the land against the man, as if the land was impersonatied.

The professor cites art. 225 of the Federal Constitution, affirming that the Right to the environment is basic, therefore are positivado in the Federal Constitution. Professor also affirms that is basic adoption of new habits for conservation of environment, and that this is a cause awareness joust that must indistinctly be taken by all, therefore must think not only about the current one as well as in the next generations, a proven time that the ambient goods are scarce as it is the example of the water. Andres Crull standes out that perhaps the fact of Al Gore to have lost the election the President of the United States for George W. Bushem is one of the facts most important in the history of the humanity, therefore this fact decided the life of millions of next people per the 50 years becoming it more difficult.