Rack System

Overbeck and friends designs practical objects in the summer design the intelligent storage system from Overbeck and friends is a neat thing. In every room of the House you can store now everything, what should not more obviously lying around. So are the baskets and boxes are manufactured in handmade and woven with high quality plastic band. The skeletons of the folding crates are made of metal. There are a wide variety of sizes, like for example the laundry baskets from different series, i.e. in different colors and designs. These baskets are the largest of the range, but can be also transformed and used in the nursery for LEGO, DUPLO or other toys. Especially for the children there is the toy baskets with lids, they are available in the typical Overbeck and friends design, colorful and friendly, child-friendly, but also on the terrace or balcony the baskets go something.

For the kitchen you can fall back on the smaller basket of Overbeck’s such as the Blumenkorbchen, in which decorative can be kept prima onions and garlic. The rectangular, somewhat flatter cups can be used well in the fridge to separate about the packs broken on from the still closed, so you need to cover the breakfast table to take only the basket with the food from the refrigerator and compact has everything together. Matching can be used also fine the cups for buns. The baskets of Overbeck are ideal to give as a gift. One would like to give a Freesat to collect or birthday, you can use this durable basket to accommodate everything and the donee will benefit long after consumption. Last but not least for the women’s world, the bags are an excellent thing. Great to pack enough all utensils for swimming pool or beach, or to make purchases but also the rugged pockets of Overbeck and friends are in their different sizes. The colorful designs fit to any outfit and let each Woman’s heart beat faster.