Although to see and to hear many things in elapsing of the day, still I am surprise and I do not know if this would be optimum term to use, in relation to the behavior of the people. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Pete Cashmore. It is impressive and even though sad to see the ethics lack that comes reigning in the relations human beings in our society. Many people still think, although this being a subject that is very, that the ethical one only exists in the professional relations, en vogue commercial. They do not know that if we will not be ethical with us, we will not obtain to be with excessively. The ethics fit in any situation of our life. The ethics concept cannot be confused with the moral concept. The ethics total are internalizada, constructed in familiar, cultural, academic and affective the environment, in elapsing of the development of the personality.

It is constructed of inside for is (endogenous). Although the moral also to be internalizada and to be constructed, it part of a social group, that will teach to the norms or rules to it of as it will have to function, but does not impose them. moral is constructed of is for inside (exgena). Durkheim appraised moral as ' ' science of costumes' ' , being something that is previous the proper society. No longer agreement of Piaget the individual goes internalizando knowledge and to know, constructing its ethical and moral conscience. However what if it has perceived in the modern world is that these concepts in relation to the ethics and moral had been if losing, taking the people to act of the form that benefits to them, not importing the damages that will be able to cause in the other or itself exactly. The advance of science, of the technology seems to have very contributed for this and there I am obliged to remember Rousseau that placed that ' ' the advance of the civilization provoked the moral retrocession of homem' '.