Russia Label

Printing industry is now offering a variety of label production types, styles, types. In this assignment of labels, in principle, has not changed since the days when ancient Russia for this purpose used the bark, and in ancient China – the pieces of silk: the label and are used to identify the product and the manufacturer. In a competitive environment for sales success are not only qualitatively made product and well-built sales and distribution policy, but also the right of packaging, which should attract customers, cause they have confidence in their design and, in fact, sell a product consumer. At a time when virtually all the products in stores are sold in packages, each jar and each bag is glued own label, which should immediately create an image of the goods, the brand. For these purposes, produce full-color stickers of various shapes and forms. Consider the different types of labels.

There is a simple (empty or with imprint) labels for supermarkets. They have their own format, logos stamped on the label and the correct information. They are printed, usually on thermal paper, so that electronic scales can instantly give the weight of the product and its price. The label is attached to the packaging of the product and not Unstick. For packages with gifts and gifts, perfumes, jewelry, often make the labels, printed on the foil. Labels with a beautiful embossed often decorated with precious wines and high-quality vodka. Recently began to produce labels odors, such as impregnation of perfume essences. This is a label with the aroma-printing.

For household appliances, computers and accessories are manufactured special sealing labels that are used in as a warranty sticker. There are special materials that are easily broken when you try peeling – and we see immediately that the product is sealed with a label, someone tried to open it. Labels can not be only beautiful, but "survive" under extreme conditions. For example, there is a special self-adhesive labels for shipping containers, which are bonded with glue so that they do not come off in the cold or heavy rain. In addition, they can apply information to ballpoint pens and markers. Such a label can stick to the dirty / wet surface of the container (unpainted or painted steel, aluminum). And yet Labels are for ad campaigns, on postage, for tires and textiles … and stuff … and so on. One of the trends of modern industry is that large print runs go to the past, giving way to small and medium. For example, there is a huge range of cosmetics and perfumery, often designed for small groups of consumers. Increased requirements for labels: they must 'Cling' customers have the content, which is able to 'rejuvenate, lose weight, wrinkles under the eyes' … and it is clear that the production of labels to choose quality manufacturers. To instead of coated paper labels are not printed on the toilet. And so instead of UV inks are not used gouache. This, of course, a joke, but the label – the face of the goods and treat the person should be taken very seriously.