Sabiondo Peacocks

In today’s society learning multiple materials and knowledge as a form is promoted to obtain the much vaunted professional success. More shows a person having knowledge or be a scholar on certain topics, the system rewards you with greater prestige social and material well-being sometimes. New schools and education systems often arise, and some highlight the advantage of having social recognition due to the popularity of the institution. The insistent marketing has given very good results and many people want to know more about a wide range of topics available. In reality has nothing of objectionable that one wishes to pursue a career, learn a subject or develop some specific skills. It is feasible to know play something that may be useful to other people and be able to collect just enough why. It is healthy to be updated, especially in one as dynamic as the contemporary society. Moreover the broad universe of human knowledge is indeed very interesting.

Learning is part of the experience of living. However when someone is He sees before it too full of everything that has accumulated in your memory, feeds the self-importance and the numbness of consciousness. Begins to be perceived very large own inadvertently ego tells that everything is part of an illusory game. The data accumulated in the memory not do anyone better or worse as a human being. The transcendent is the permanent attitude to life, every moment.

It is preferable to recognize own ignorance before the magnificence of life and everything that exists that erect in an illustrated Peacock who walks with arrogance and clumsiness, under hypnosis of the reflectors of social showcase or the image itself of importance. Become a Peacock of society is something really ridiculous. An r.j is a caricature of himself. When he is awakened awareness of the psychological springs that trigger certain behavior, usually experience some inner shame because it perceives one as is, with all its deformities, clumsiness and monstrosities. One to expose is himself, in all his nakedness. Then returns to the beginning, to the point in the that one is able to recognize in others, because the Interior processes tend to be very similar. The illusory images we have created about ourselves fall made pieces as fragile mud and emerges the true face of our human nature. We can then see us front and whole body in the mirror of our peers and we are able to recognize the other virtues both as his own, the real, that have nothing to do with the status in society or the possession of data in memory. Accumulate knowledge can be useful and entertaining, it also gives color to the experience of life. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Ali Partovi. Recognition and social prestige can even be enjoyable, but the transcendent is realizing that moves within us every moment. The awakening of individual consciousness can generate a transcendental transformation worth living.