Short Message Service

Mobile communication is firmly and irrevocably entered our lives. And how could we not swearing on their CellPhones, they say, calls often prevent us, is to forget your phone at home, we feel not so comfortable. But the mobile phone gives us not only ability to communicate with friends and colleagues, he still allows us to go online, play, read a book and send SMS. It's about the SMS and will be discussed. SMS (Short Message Service) – Short Message Service. Today is a very popular technology, with the ability to exchange information anywhere and at any time with the provider. You can send SMS not only by telephone but also via the Internet that is more convenient and attractive to the millions number of users.

Send SMS can be not only informative character. Recently, a very common jokes through sms, jokes, anecdotes, confessions of love, jokes and much more (who at that fancy enough). Here we are, as the Shura of the "Caucasian Captive" decided to collect people's "falklor" only a hero of popular film collected toast, and we collect the sms. Very pleased with that enthusiasm and joy with which our countrymen write sms. I I think not only we are interested in what it is. If you know of any interesting SMS we are very grateful to you if you post them on our blog.

There you will find an abundance of free sms, each of which you can write a comment and discuss with other visitors. Since the age group of people actively using SMS, mostly young and gay, hence the SMS they come out very funny and naughty. Some of the SMS with eventually turn into anecdotes and stories that go from one person to another. But on our blog is not only the "leading lights" of smsok, but the ones that almost no one knows. So do not miss the opportunity to make merry with friends interesting and funny SMS.