Smartphone Employees

(b) employers that give phones their employees (and pay for them).Although most people think that the most common practical application for this group would be the avoid the company suffers espionage and that employees disclose secrets, the truth is much less spectacular: is to control expenditures and employee assistance. You see, when an employer gives a Smartphone to one of its employees, expected to use it for purposes related to the company, such as call customers.However, the temptation to make a long distance call to a friend or family member and passing it as a client call is great.Furthermore, it is the temptation to report sick when in fact is also in the football game, or visiting friends.Both problems can be detected and corrected with the use of Spybubble. In fact, it is much cheaper than you think.You don’t have to install Spybubble on every mobile phone that your company owns.All you need to do is install on phones from the most problematic employees.When any of your employees are caught carrying out practices which are not in accordance with your company, all employees feel that they are being monitored. (c) people who think that they are being cheated by your spouse. As you can imagine, Spybubble features make it extremely easy to find out if you are being deceived or is simply paranoid. And that’s it, those are the main features of Spybubble and groups that receive the greatest benefits from it..