In times of Netbook, Notebook, iPad, Smartphone, Tablet, iPod, iPhone, and access the almost gratuitous Internet in the cellular one, the people or the great majority of the people, still use these medias in an amount of time ' ' absurda' ' to have access social nets, to see photos, to lower musics, videos, at last, great ' ' utilidade' ' it is the entertainment, exactly that it is only for a few seconds or at some moment of the day. How many people are online 24 hours in facebook? in orkut, meebo, ebuddy, msn, to twitter more and other. With that frequency if reads periodicals, notice and the atualidades? how many using times have access orkut weekly or even though daily? Rare the people have access a course online of EAD in the interval of the work, the cellular one, in ipad, generally are having access musics, games, videos, photos. But the EAD still has much that to explore in relation to the educational resources. Web 2,0 appeared and came with total force, to each day gains new resources, where the main ones would be social nets.

This makes in them to think about the reason of as much success. It would be the absence of that it is filled with instants of access and contact with the other people’s routine. Or same the fact to arrive at the conclusion of that all have something uncommon. All have photos of commemorations, friends, familiar, at last, being thus the Internet it would be only one comfort for the urban chaos and the daily one. This new language of global use of the Internet would be changing concepts, accesses and behaviors in web. But with passing of the time she will be that all this ' ' euphoria digital' ' it will pass? the users summer the Internet with other eyes? In order to have access other possibilities, to use the cellular one, the email, netbook also to study, using these accesses also for the long-distance education.