Solar System Mobile

Space for the little ones of the nocturnal glitter of stars, most kids are probably impressed. With the milky way, shooting stars and planets, the universe provides also many surprises. In the school, then extended the knowledge of the solar system. Models and simulations, come the children space to track down and learn, for example, that all the planets revolve around the Sun. Samsung can provide more clarity in the matter. Home Toys help the understanding of the laws of astronomy, including the solar system mobile, which can be bought at the auction house on the Web The solar system mobile with its bright stars is a lot ahead made galaxies. Also it is guaranteed to catch the eye of the nursery with its size of about 110 centimeters. In the Center stands the Sun as main light, which is encircled by nine planets.

The different coloured celestial bodies are powered by a motor and are attached to the Sun by means of individual metal Struts. In the toy a remote control to turn on the solar system is included ( spielzeug/220/kategoriebaum.html). So the planet can be illuminated and investigated, a Lichtpointer is integrated. After a time of 17 minutes the mobile turns off by itself, making it suitable as a bedroom light for infants. First language skills can be checked with the included audio CD to notify in English about the solar system. Only the enthusiasm about the price will be slightly lower it lies at 59.90 euros. To get any shipping and batteries. But these are all issues that worth and many child interest in visiting a planetarium! More information: presse.html Unister GmbH Lisa Neumann