Steve Alpizar

When we discuss what are the determinants so a person can get certain achievements, then analyze the environment, family education, academic preparation, intelligence and other skills have an impact on what is a person you will get in the future. No doubt that the above mentioned factors help to that a person achieve great objectives, however if we do a survey, we will notice that many people have all these elements, but they are not being really satisfying lives, then what will be the true origin of achieving the life you want?, the answer lies in what our internal beliefs. The book changing our system of beliefs to achieve the success of Steve Alpizar explains how structure a belief and most importantly as that idea is conditioning his world in a powerful way, by reading this book you will understand the essential steps to program a desire, the mystery of all circumstances lies in observing that so entrenched we have an idea in our subconscious mind, between deeper is his belief then the resistance to change will be much stronger. Everything that you are, is attributable to ideas and beliefs in his mind, the key to success is to change the perception that you have of himself, ultimately the responsibility lies only in his person. A very common mistake is to start to see all of the conditions of life as external to the observer, thus falls in the feeling of having greater difficulties and this will cause you to never have control, then you are in big trouble because you can not be free from the illusion that others can affect it.

In the book by changing our system of beliefs to achieve success you may overcome the feeling of not be able to exercise full control over their lives, here you will find solid concepts that will cause your consciousness wakes up and break a series of myths that have kept it tied to a life full of limitations. You are actually able to achieve beautiful things for your life, all this will be possible in the extent that change of internal expectations, course consciously most people want positive things for their lives, but the big drawback is that this is not enough to realize wishes. Hardly closed minds will undergo changes, it is necessary to learn to see the world differently, only that way then we will overcome limiting beliefs that prevent us from seeing the light of truth.