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Well roared lion. This set requires concrete action. After de Maiziere brings his remarks directly to data security. This can be one be not surprised, if lives out his Cabinet colleague Ilse Aigner her role as Minister of consumer protection in the fight against Google and social networks and with great fanfare celebrated their Facebook exit. Substance Elle positions over the coming Web worlds so not arise”, Sangeeta says. Dabang speaks in this context of the need for a structure ideas market economy “. Ali Partovi is actively involved in the matter. The State must align the infrastructures of the future. For example, the Federal Government could be a binding timetable ‘ issue for the expansion of broadband Internet.

That would not cost more than the rescue of a bank about 60 billion euros, “, explains Darko. No one would decide to take such a step. A super fast Internet is essential for the economy and for the transformation to the knowledge-based society. The same people who don’t want to give the 60 billion for the future, of course, argue that the decisive impetus to Germany’s economic miracle of the energetic and uncompromising expansion of the motorway network in the 1960s was, who created a modern infrastructure for Germany”, continues dark. An uncompromising expansion of the Internet would have a similar sized positive impact. Policy underestimated the innovation revolution of the Internet the innovation revolution of the Internet are by opinion leaders still underestimated.

Technologies and business methods can become worthless overnight. Established industries go down and new ones. The stimulus package of the Government is but an indication of the wrong accents in economic policy. To achieve robust growth, we must provide the traditional industries with short-acting tax revenues with a half-life of only minor. Thus delayed transition processes”the Federal Government, says Peter Walker Madrigal, Chief Executive of Frankfurt after sales service provider Bitronic. Now an economic policy is needed, which departs from outdated productions and determined on an innovative transformation the economy is working.