Supervision Walls

We provide quality work at: repairs of apartments, offices, houses, cottages, shops, repair of non-residential premises. Also finishing works: plaster, paint, plaster, facade, tile, Parquet, ceilings, wiring, plumbing and heating work. In Kyiv and Kyiv region. Here you can order a comprehensive repair and some types of work. Procedure for Supervision of works progress of work and control over their quality, you can take on.

Of course, coordinating the work – a difficult task for an amateur, so we advise beginners to guard against failures, failures that result in downtime and disorder at the site, and a list of all planned activities and their sequence of execution. A guide for you and can serve as an illustrative list compiled by our priorities for repairs and finishing of premises: 1. Cleaning the premises, including the demolition of a number of structural elements. At this stage of the work endure furniture, break walls, and those design elements that are left without support, prop up stand, strengthen, and tolerate debris. 2. Treatment (prophylactic or regular) surfaces of the walls, ceiling, floor compositions for preventing dampness, rot, insect pests. 3.

Laying of new pipes (gas, water supply, sewerage, heating) and electrical wiring. 4. Construction of new decorative walls, interior walls, the base for new flooring. 5. Preliminary adjustment of Communication (installation of boilers, installation water supply, power distribution boards). 6. Initial carpentry: Crate and trim windows and doors, installation of beams, etc. 7. Plastering. 8. The final adjustment of communications, including the installation of sinks, tubs, radiators, etc. 9. Final stage of joinery: door hanging, nailing architraves, ceiling cornices. 10. Installation of built-in furniture (cupboards in the hallway or the bedroom) and equipment (built-in appliances). 11. Finish walls and ceilings (hanging, embossed ceilings, final painting, wrapping paper or paneling). 12. Finish flooring (color, flooring rolled flooring or parquet laying and finishing). 13. Furnishings. Design interior of apartments, houses, commercial property development project power, alterations, repairs and decoration of apartments, houses, offices, shops in Kyiv region and in cities which have representatives Author's supervision over the progress of repairs in the apartment, home or office.