Surprise Gift

A little bit about the history of History of the puzzle back thousands of years. The oldest known puzzle were found in Mesopotamia and Egypt, Ancient Greece, Africa, India, and of course the mysterious East. In ancient China, was famous puzzle game 'Tangram', as an example of ancient puzzles can be called a well-known labyrinth in Crete. These different And now these fascinating 'toys for the mind' are made from a variety of materials: metals, plastics, rope, cardboard, wood, etc. Wooden puzzles are the most beautiful.

Depending on the type of task, the puzzle can be of different kinds. For example, a puzzle to folding (well-known puzzles), collapsible (to divide into parts originally an entire object, or alternatively, to collect the object of the constituent elements), or the unraveling of the puzzle for splitting puzzle moving segments (well-known Rubik's cube, 'Fifteen'), puzzles to dexterity (all sorts of mazes), flexible puzzle ('snake'). Universal gift Thanks to its versatility, the puzzle – the perfect gift. It's amazing, but she will be glad the child and adult, any person, regardless of the type of their professional activities, income, hobbies and tastes. Puzzle – great fun for the whole family or circle of friends. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Sandra Akmansoy. It will brighten up dull and evening, and the tedious wait. In this case it is not only entertaining but also very useful gift. Puzzle systematize thinking, develop memory, logic, and attention.

Jigsaw Puzzle as a corporate gift can become an indispensable element of the recreation room in your company, and may even be a compulsory subject on the desktop of every employee. For some time a puzzle turned into a trendy corporate gift. They can teach your partner or client, as the VIP-gift. And if you have previously applied to the puzzle of your company logo, a gift for a long time to be reminded of you. In online shop of original gifts and souvenirs Orange Gifts offers a wide range of different types of puzzles made from different materials. For example, a series of Chinese puzzles '12 months'. The two parts of each puzzles are connected in such a way as to appear non-shared. The aim is to divide the puzzle into 2 parts, and then connect them again. Or even a series of puzzles in the division – 'Fantastic': a nice puzzle 'Keys' are connected by the two keys necessary to separate them, and then connect again. So, that's enough to puzzle over gift – select a puzzle, and let's head breaks the one who gets this wonderful thing.