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Digital Bookkeeping

The planning will have to not only involve the EFD of the PIS/Cofins, because this organization is part of all the SPED project (Public System of Digital Bookkeeping). In this way, the plan will have to involve the quantification of the time and its costs. The purpose of the planning of the project is to create a plan so that the manager can follow the progress of its team. The first thing that the company must lead in account in the countable and fiscal planning is to have the general picture of the obligations, its stated periods and which resources will be necessary to guarantee the attendance of all the stages of this process. which would be these resources? – Personal; – Systems of YOU; – Financial Resources. which the item that are part of our plan? – Inventory of the obligations to be fulfilled – Cronograma of the necessary stated periods; – Vision of the risks (conditions that can hinder that the project is not fulfilled, and its consequncias); – Necessary Conditions so that the project gives certain; – To determine which responsible people for each one of the stages and obligations of the SPED; – To determine responsibility and to guarantee the comprometimento of the team and its qualification, if necessary; – To choose the external services that could be used in the aid of its internal team; – To choose the tools of YOU for the project; – To organize a comparative picture between projected and the carried through one and to make adjustments, if necessary; – To initiate the work. Certainly this space is not enough to approach all the aspects and stages of a plan of attendance of the obligations imposed for the new reality tax of Brazil. But, to consider that the companies must be intent what if demands and to have as to carry through this work is a great step so that the countable professionals can have a vision of the size of the problem. The solution will only come with the planning. Priscila Falchi, coordinator of Marketing of the Sispro – Services and Technology for Administration and Finances YOU Inside

Integrated System

This boarding, presented in Figure 6, allows the continuous control on the interfaces between the processes, as well as its interactions. Figure 6 – Sequence and Interaction between the processes. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Viacom. Source: Manual of the Integrated System of the Quality 5.3.1.Estrutura of the documentation figure 7 shows the structure of used documentation in the Integrated System of the Quality, being demonstrated to the main elements of the management system and the interaction between the same ones. Figure 7 – Structure of the documentation. Source: Manual of the Integrated System of the Quality organizacional 5.3.2.Estrutura the organizacional structure of the ArcelorMittal Inox Brazil, as Figure 8, shows the interaction of the staff who manages, plays and verifies activities that influence in the management of the ArcelorMittal Inox Brazil.

Figure 8 – Organizacional structure. Source: Manual of the Integrated System of the Quality 5.3.3.Acompanhamento of the Integrated System of the Quality the company uses a System of Management – GPS (Governana For the Success), in it each management has access to the pointers of its responsibility where they launch, periodically, the reached results. In the GPS it is possible to visualize ' ' faris' ' of each goal, when the result if presents in the green color, it indicates that the goal was reached, when is with a shunting line of up to 5% and forecast of recovery, the lighthouse is yellow and when result is below of the goal biggest that this percentage, the lighthouse is in the red color, as example of figure 9. Figure 9 – Screen of accompaniment of pointers in the GPS. Source: Manual of the user? Vestibule SIG 5.4.Metodologia Word Class Manufacturing – WCM Translated as? producer of world-wide classroom? , the Word Class Manufacturing – WCM was developed by the companies ArcelorMittal, Fiat and Saint-Gobain, in set with the University of Kyoto. ' ' One is not about rupture with the methodology of the TPM.