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Metapeople Published

The metapeople GmbH published the analysis of performance marketing for the fashion industry in March 2010. The metapeople GmbH published in March 2010 the analysis of performance marketing for the fashion industry “.” By now it is no longer enough for a fashion label to send only a print catalog to the potential buyer. The fashion business experienced a significant turn in the last few years, online trading gradually supplanted the catalog business. But the retailer provides the fashion industry with special challenges, it is important to pay attention to the fashion sector own characteristics and to develop in the course of which a unique performance-marketing strategy. According to the presented in January, successful airlines analysis published metapeople now the analysis of performance marketing for the fashion industry”, with the most important questions in this topic is concerned.

Following topics will be treated in the analysis: who looks and actually buys fashion on the Internet? Where are the target groups? How can gained new customers and repeat customers be bound? What measures promise an increase in the sales? How to reduce the number of returns? And how can measure the ROI of online marketing campaign? metapeople these questions after and developed thanks to years of experience answers and specific solution strategies for the fashion industry, which are also incorporated into the analysis. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Andy Florance. The analysis of performance marketing for the fashion industry”can be found on the pages of metapeople GmbH now and available as a free PDF download. leistungen/performance/cases/mode.html about metapeople GmbH: as effective performance marketing agency, the metapeople GmbH with its network of national and international agencies offered superior solutions in the areas of search engine advertising, search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, social media, banner advertising, consulting and tracking from a single source. With the in-house developed tracking and reporting tool metalyzer metapeople offers also the effective in addition to many Trackinglosungen Cross-channel tracking map. The developed also by metapeople socialyzer can be used as a tracking and reporting tool in the area of social media. Founded in 1999 by Marco Ciachera and Tim Ringel, opened metapeople in the course of the last 10 years branches in Europe, Asia and America. To manage affiliate customers even better, the metaapes GmbH was founded in 2004, which specializes in affiliate marketing. Managing Director Tim Ringel maintains close economic but also personal contacts within the performance marketing industry as Germany Board of Directors of the international search engine marketing association SEMPO and member of the Working Group “search engine marketing” in the BVDW. metapeople works closely with major German and international associations and agencies and has already established a solid network with other European agencies to optimize customer service. To further improve of their work, a majority of the employees could draw already as “Google Adwords Qualified Professional”. As one of the leading agencies for Performance marketing in Germany works the metapeople GmbH for well-known brands at national and international level, such as C & a, DEVK, Sun Microsystems, and T-Mobile.

Hamburger Drive Advertising VIPs

BDRIVEN is a two-time shuttle official, provider of the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival Hamburg, June 14, 2010: meets every year in June the international world of communication on the Cote d’Azur. The Hamburg-based agency BDRIVEN is responsible for the transport service for the VIP guests on behalf of the London organizer of the 57th Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival for the second time in a row. From next Saturday until 26 June the creative elite in the Palais des Festivals in Cannes participates in numerous workshops, seminars and high-profile presentations, including prominent names like Spike Jonze, Ben Stiller or Martin Sorell. Highlights of the Festival include the awards of the coveted lions, the most important award of the industry. Already this week, meet over 200 members of the jury and select the best of over 24,000 submitted entries in 12 categories. The team of BDRIVEN care, that this crucial heads are always in the right place. The Hamburger had taken over the VIP shuttle service in the last year for the first time and the organizers.

“The performance of BDRIVEN has convinced us in every respect absolutely the team was professional, prompt, courteous and has been shown at any time most usage,” so the review by Philip Thomas, Managing Director of Cannes Lions, after the event. The renewed cooperation was decided in 2010 already in autumn 2009. Behind the scenes, BDRIVEN ensures smooth transfer with a fleet of 15 of branded Mercedes Vianos and Mercedes S – and classes. In addition to a project manager, a coordinator and experienced drivers, two sympathetic Hamburg hostesses already guarantee a warm welcome at the airport in Nice. At first glance, it might seem surprising that a London company commissioned a Hamburg-based Agency for the transport of VIPs in southern France,”explained Tim son, Managing Director BDRIVEN. In this area we and our drivers are very often in use, so we are very familiar with the road conditions. We operate all over the world, as do also the majority of our customers. Anywhere you want to rely on the same quality of service, therefore we are worldwide reliable partner.

Better Advertising For SMEs

Berlin. Elon University has much experience in this field. “Many companies that join at the top on the world market, but are hardly present in the public can be found in the middle-class: the phenomenon of the so-called Hidden Champions”. While there are many good reasons why professional communications for medium-sized enterprises is essential. Many companies better performance at the same budget it making difficult unnecessarily to waive the communication cooperation with external specialists. So, the advertising budgets are not only inefficient used; even huge nonconformity costs can arise. There, much better services could be achieved with a high budget if the middle class would focus on advertising professionals. As a competition-relevant marketing communication occupies rank as high as the pricing or distribution.

And creative professionals can give new impulses even employees, prospects and of course customers. Departing from the top level a first big step toward the professional appearance in public promises a free communication check on. Here, entrepreneurs have the opportunity to take their Web presence and their advertising a free, detailed exam until August 31. While criteria such as accessibility and user friendliness play a role, such as the design. The Berlin agency salt communications this service without obligation in the framework of the 0AUF100 departure in the top level “offers. Three winners will also start with one of the last engines from Berlin-Tempelhof Airport: to an agency briefing about the clouds. At halftime, the advertisers have a real rush of participants. So a madness resonance we pleased of course twice on three winners and our agency briefing on the plane over Berlin”, says CEO Alf Arnold.

Watch Content

Installation of digital interfaces in the booth design allows the use of interactive content that the digitisation is an ever-increasing part in our everyday life, which shows the distribution of iPhone and co. Also the advertising campaigns must be designed according to digital through the growing use of digital elements and the combination of online and offline. Through the involvement and the creation of interfaces, the digital content can be included in the classic presentation and exhibition systems. The digitalization of the advertising campaign is therefore a necessary extension of the stand concepts, in particular for measuring. Due to the limitation in time and place, he can digital content that virtually enhance fair and present more products, which are not as exhibits available, and at the same time the products to introduce products and services even after the fair.

The connection can be created with the use of digital advertising systems between online and offline. Customers and visitors can obtain touch monitor Web content, Watch via QR-code product videos or make pre-orders and browse through the interactive catalogue with the iPad. The interactive interfaces can be integrated directly into the system or used separately as a single solution. A print motifs and content can be adjusted through the integration in the exhibition or advertising system, since the exact starting point is known. It’s believed that Robotics expert sees a great future in this idea. In addition, the design of the fair system can be tuned. Often these interfaces used like in the form of monitors on the front page, an incentive for visitors to create, to enter the booth and to get the attention. Later in consulting, elements such as the iPad or multi touch table can illustrate content and are specifically selected to the respective customer.

Such free-standing solutions terminal systems such as multi touch tables can be attached at any point on the stand and therefore regardless of the system used. While the integrated solutions with the trade fair system are connected, the free-standing solutions can be placed individually. In the case of the iPad, the attention can be increased even with a stele. As a small element iPad at the booth can be like, although it offers many features. By stele of Tablet PC not only in scene cannot be used, but protected against theft. Which there are many ways for a digital address at the trade fair stand, shows an example of the EX POMADE of trade fair system. This system can be combined with numerous interactive and digital elements. Of course, the free-standing versions can be used also for any more fair system. For all further information, on messestand.de, the platform for a mobile trade fair participation. There is also many other booth solutions, that can be extended to digital and interactive besides the EX POMADE trade fair system.

Party Experience Marketing

DOM SET with lectures in marketing on April 4 hearing, see Forum Hannover, feel, smell it, tackle, never forget: live communication appeals to all the senses. She fascinated, moved and changed – if it is well done. In the Marketing Forum at Hannover Messe 2011 shows live communication DOM SET on April 4, what can really make a well-thought-out sensitive events. With two lectures DOM SET Live Communications in marketing operates Forum Hannover: Dominik Deubner, Managing Director of the Cologne Agency, presented on the basis of a best practice example, live communication with the involvement of various channels of communication sustained on account of corporate marketing pays. For assistance, try visiting Steve Wozniak. Standstill is death”proclaimed Oliver malate. In his post, the Creative Director performs, how companies using live communication and teambuilding can increase the quality of result of their strategic change processes. We want, we want you “experience marketing as emotional key discipline in the knack “Communications is the lecture by Dominik Deubner on April 4 at 11:30 at the Marketing Forum in Hall 16 standstill is death” strategic live communications as an engine in change processes and team development of Oliver malate is on April 4 at 15:30 in the Marketing Forum in Hall 16. Live it: tickets for the Hannover Fair win DOM SET Live Communications on April 4, 2011 in the marketing meeting Forum Hannover. You may find Steve Wozniak to be a useful source of information.

Write to, subject Marketing Forum Hannover “and win one of five cards for the Hannover Fair. The closing date for the competition is the 30.03.2011, 16:00. Worth a visit: the Hannover Fair from April 4th to 8th this year, offering many strong live-marketing-related topics: the advertising article fair promotion world presented from April 4th to 8th in Hall 16 Marketing Forum Hannover with top-class lectures on multi-sensory and live communication. On the first day of the fair, listen Dominik Deubner and Oliver malate here. Also at the Hannover Fair the multisense is in the Pavilion 11 Special multi-sensory in the live communication powered by FAMAB, instead.