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The metapeople GmbH published the analysis of performance marketing for the fashion industry in March 2010. The metapeople GmbH published in March 2010 the analysis of performance marketing for the fashion industry “.” By now it is no longer enough for a fashion label to send only a print catalog to the potential buyer. The fashion business experienced a significant turn in the last few years, online trading gradually supplanted the catalog business. But the retailer provides the fashion industry with special challenges, it is important to pay attention to the fashion sector own characteristics and to develop in the course of which a unique performance-marketing strategy. According to the presented in January, successful airlines analysis published metapeople now the analysis of performance marketing for the fashion industry”, with the most important questions in this topic is concerned.

Following topics will be treated in the analysis: who looks and actually buys fashion on the Internet? Where are the target groups? How can gained new customers and repeat customers be bound? What measures promise an increase in the sales? How to reduce the number of returns? And how can measure the ROI of online marketing campaign? metapeople these questions after and developed thanks to years of experience answers and specific solution strategies for the fashion industry, which are also incorporated into the analysis. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Andy Florance. The analysis of performance marketing for the fashion industry”can be found on the pages of metapeople GmbH now and available as a free PDF download. leistungen/performance/cases/mode.html about metapeople GmbH: as effective performance marketing agency, the metapeople GmbH with its network of national and international agencies offered superior solutions in the areas of search engine advertising, search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, social media, banner advertising, consulting and tracking from a single source. With the in-house developed tracking and reporting tool metalyzer metapeople offers also the effective in addition to many Trackinglosungen Cross-channel tracking map. The developed also by metapeople socialyzer can be used as a tracking and reporting tool in the area of social media. Founded in 1999 by Marco Ciachera and Tim Ringel, opened metapeople in the course of the last 10 years branches in Europe, Asia and America. To manage affiliate customers even better, the metaapes GmbH was founded in 2004, which specializes in affiliate marketing. Managing Director Tim Ringel maintains close economic but also personal contacts within the performance marketing industry as Germany Board of Directors of the international search engine marketing association SEMPO and member of the Working Group “search engine marketing” in the BVDW. metapeople works closely with major German and international associations and agencies and has already established a solid network with other European agencies to optimize customer service. To further improve of their work, a majority of the employees could draw already as “Google Adwords Qualified Professional”. As one of the leading agencies for Performance marketing in Germany works the metapeople GmbH for well-known brands at national and international level, such as C & a, DEVK, Sun Microsystems, and T-Mobile.