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The Grissini displays images the artist Anja Tailcoat man Munich in October 2009. The 15th anniversary of the Schwabinger slow food hotspots Grissini”celebrates holder Mathias Ludwig in October with a picturesque delicacy: on Sunday, 11 October opening of the well-known Munich artist Anja Tailcoat man takes place in the picturesque Trattoria from 18: 00. Below are 15 works, even abstract covering the entire spectrum of the artist time objectively, typical lively manner. Flanking a true flavors and color Fireworks, which heralds the culinary autumn in remarkable Italian way guests can expect. Very original way results in a fantastic symbiosis between gastronomy and art.

The vitality and variety of shapes and colors themes skillfully implemented in two areas. The retrospective is to experience along with the culinary special until October 31, 2009 in the Helmtrudenstrasse 1. We recommend a reservation on grissini.com or 089-36101213. The exhibition provides insight into the unconventional way The versatility of the artist. The pictures show both physical and abstract, loud colors and delicate structures all the almost tangible vitality, which is so characteristic for Anja Tailcoat man it is common.

The colored and high-contrast structure give the pictures its descriptive character. A wonderful mixed media that is complemented by impact metal on canvas or wood, resulting in mainly used acrylic paints and varnishes. All images can be purchased during the exhibition. The prices vary between 500 and 4,000 euros. Anja Tailcoat Hall was born in Witten. Her mother, himself painter and collector of the arts, led her approach to painting. Source: search. As a child, not a white sheet before their bright colors was spared. The hard clean lines, which she learned during her training to the artist of construction of, were always colorful and soft in the course of time by studying art history at the University of Munich. Parallel to his studies, she worked as a decorator and designer of space. The artist lives with her husband and their two children in Aschheim near Munich. The breadsticks for more information and photos at is an atypical typical trattoria, who consistently defends the authentic Italian cuisine since 1995 against all culinary airs. The picturesque restaurant in the Schwabing Helmtrudenstrasse is run by holder Mathias Ludwig personally. “Together with his Italian team of chefs he celebrated 15 years slow food in its purest form: In the breadsticks, guests experience genuine Cucina Italiana” with ingredients that are manufactured and are free of any chemical tuning according to traditional handicraft. Handled, what grows in Italy as well as Germany and what is the time of year. The commitment to genuine cuisine includes also a versatile cultural program, changing suggestions for self-cooking as well as interesting insights into the world of Italian spirits. Finally, his name is committed the Grissini and sees itself as an institution that enriches everyday life in a very obvious way. The same is true also for private events and Firmen.Events for 25 people, culinary atmosphere accompanied by a well-established gastro team. The restaurant is open every day except Sunday. Reservations, wine orders and event program can be made easily also outside opening hours on. Stand 110909 learn Grissini La trattoria I Helmtrudenstrasse 1 I 80805 Munich Tel.: (089) 36101213 I fax: (089) 3613067 E: I: press contact June corporate communications I Manuela Muller I milky way 6 (EC right) I 81667 Munich Tel.: + 49 (0) 89 53 84 95 47 I fax: + 49 (0) 89 53 84 95 46 I mobile: + 49 (0) 172 894 1997 E: I