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Cooling System

Cooling system – liquid, with a forced circulation closed. Radiator cap has two valves are not allowed in the cooling system to excessive pressure or vacuum. When closed valves, the system is pressurized. When you open the radiator cap beware of scalding. The normal water temperature in the engine cooling system 80-90 C.

The water temperature is controlled by the pointer temperature, which is located on the dashboard, and its sensor installed in the cylinder head. Cooling system should be refilled and clean as possible “soft” water that has low salt content. When properly meshing of bevel gears with spiral teeth backlash in the general part of the tooth is 0,15-0,4 mm. The differential consists of a demountable boxes, which are placed two conical poluosevye gears, spider and four satellite. The differential is set on tapered roller bearings, located in split bearings with lids, which are processed in conjunction with the sump of the main gear. Bearings regulate the nuts without any noticeable axial clearance, but without the tightness. To fix the nuts on the bearing caps are stoppers Service axle is lubricated, according to the map lubrication, inspection at 1000 hours tightening nut flange leading pinion nuts cups differential. Tightening torque of nuts flange should be 20-25 kg-m, and torque nuts cups differential 11.8 kg-m.

Exhaust Systems

The company 'KVINT' has the exclusive right to distribute goods firm FOX Exhaust Systems, a German manufacturer of exhaust systems unmatched for all brands of cars. Exhaust systems and their components are classified for certain types of products: exhaust systems, universal mufflers, silencers nozzle, the exhaust system of individual production and sports exhausts, that eliminate the power loss in the power plant point of exhaust gas. Universal mufflers are constructed from stainless steel the best quality. These exhaust systems are different in that unlike regular mufflers, they use a unique basaltic components that significantly reduce the background noise of the power plant and at the same time have a good crossing properties. Nozzle to the exhaust systems of FOX Exhaust Systems – it's not only improved performance of the power plant, but also the unique look of your car. All tips mufflers are of different sizes, which allows you to install them on every car. Any tip before you ship for sale carefully polished by hand before the shiny surface.