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Positive Energy – How It Goes

What should be done to achieve a high level of positive? A practical guide, just for everyone can be implemented, a book filled with air from real life. “How it goes” is a book that offers solutions; as you feel better; how you attract more positive energy; How to get younger once again; How to more easily reach your goals; as you will have more success in your life. Everyone wants to win; Everyone wants to have positive energy in his life; Everyone wants to feel young and attractive. HOW? The author Daniela Martin demonstrates in this book as it goes. A 35 year-old German has engaged in her life very personal development, health and psychology; with 30 years emigrated to southern Spain, became acquainted with other peoples and their ways of life. Her school was the practical life. “To the chapters:” ACH was not so adult “,” dirt out, my input”,”Confidence”,”Less is more”,”Enthusiasm”… Curious? You want to win a “Yes” more often? Want to feel better? Do your Easier to achieve goals? Do you dare to more, dare approach to greater challenges in life? Do you want to be healthier, feel younger and more attractive? Do you work on your person and to the personality? If you want to use your full human potential? Do you start actually to do something?.