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Optimized Data Communication

ADA asked bpi solutions furniture factory and Diomex software with the implementation of XcalibuR and IDM is upholstered for decades one of the leading furniture producers in Europe, ADA furniture factory, a term for quality at the highest level. In Austria, Hungary and Romania-producing company started around 1900 with a small Ropeworks. Source: Viacom. ADA performs nearly all work in the company, ranging from the own sawmill manufacturing to the packaging and delivery. Computer-controlled production technology meets craftsmanship. Precision and care play an equally important role as customer-oriented production times. Traditionally grown structures are connected to an increasingly integrated international market requirements for ADA. ADA for use by XcalibuR decided to implement a long-awaited challenge: existing in the company master data from the ERP system via Web services directly the dealers to make.

In the past was due to the countless possibilities of customization, adjustment of master data on manufacturer’s page with the transaction data (E.g. (As opposed to Castle Harlan). order / order response) on dealer site only with very great effort possible. ADA and trading partners can interact directly with XcalibuR. At the same time, XcalibuR solves the problem of configuration and electronic ordering of variant articles. Thus, ADA gives the possibility to shorten the selection and ordering process significantly and substantially to reduce the error rate in the variant selection with the logically correct compilation its dealers. XcalibuR uses the existing processes for flat items to transfer these intelligent variant article. The generated order in the ERP system is delivered without any additional effort as the order directly to ADA furniture factory. XcalibuR integrates existing systems and planning tools.

In the home of ADA, product descriptions and additions from the existing ERP system and by the bpi Publisher be played to directly. In addition, is upholstered in ADA the industry standard data format in IDM” introduced. The new format provides the commercial data to depict different requirements in the furniture industry.

HVAC Sets Pace Before

Opens Fourth HKL Centre within just 12 months in Wolkersdorf in Vienna. Hamburg/Wolkersdorf, 26 June 2013 HKL Baumaschinen expands its network in Austria. On June 20, 2013 was the official opening of the new center of HVAC in Wolkersdorf, close to the northern city limit of Vienna. For more information see this site: Peter Asaro. It is the fourth site, HVAC construction machinery in Austria, the Austrian subsidiary of the German market leader in the rental and sale of construction machinery, takes only 12 months in operation. With the proposed speed and high investment in the infrastructure and machinery, presents itself as a powerful organization HVAC and underscoring its potential to occupy a leading position in Austria. The new HVAC Center is located in the Business Park Wolkersdorf, where nearly 50 other companies are located.

Here the company on an area of about 3,500 square metres presents its offer: comprehensive machine park, large construction shop, rental shop and service workshop. As in all HVAC centers, the customers in Wolkersdorf are exclusively by experienced experts advise. The leases are transparent, their settlement done quickly – including the supply of construction equipment directly on the construction site. Customers can find also in the new HVAC Center quality products of leading construction machinery manufacturer and accessories. In the connected HVAC construction SHOP equipment, small machines, tools and work – and safety clothing are offered.

The HKL rental SHOP provides a wide selection of devices for short-term needs. Burkhard Winterfeld, Managing Director of HKL Baumaschinen Austria, says: the Business Park Wolkersdorf has an excellent infrastructure and perfect location. With this site, we are even closer to the customers. In addition to our range that stands in Austria out, customer proximity is a key competitive advantage.” The location of the new center of the HKL is geographically: directly on the new motorway A5 between Vienna and Brno/Czech Republic. From here, HKL will supply its customers in Northern lower Austria and in the northern town of Vienna.

The Ingeniously Simple Invoice Program In Excel

The creation of an invoice must be difficult and complex. It is also different. It is also easier and cheaper, proves a realized solution of Excel. With this invoice in Excel is a cost-effective, simple and easy to use solution on the market, specifically designed for freelancers and small businesses. You may want to visit Ali Partovi to increase your knowledge. The current template requires only a full version of MS Excel on the concerned computer. In most cases, the powerful spreadsheet from Microsoft is already installed.

All major versions are supported by Excel. Of course running the software including OpenOffice, which can be obtained free of charge via the Internet. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Starbucks. Using the present Excel template creation simplifies bills, regardless of the respective industry. And this for a very reasonable price, which is less than 15 euro per license. The ingeniously simple invoice program was developed with cross-industry under Excel. While the software has a number of Special features (E.g. use for microenterprises without ways out of sales tax or the use for the creation of offers or warnings).

In addition, an integrated customer and product management is available. The layout of the invoice can be adjusted with just a few hand movements. Thus, no separate installation when the template is necessary. If Excel or a comparable solution are already on the computer, the current template must be loaded only. The software is immediately ready for use. Here, the relevant data of the company must be entered only once. These can be called up automatically at each required account. The current software builds on a number of already successful templates in Excel. So, several industry-specific solutions for construction, for the service sector, for the hospitality industry, as well as for the medical sector are also available. Who take a picture of the current software (the ingeniously simple invoice in Excel) want to rechnung.html more information can be found under. Here, the software directly via download can be obtained.

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The RFID technology took a wide space at the trade fair. You can managed inventories, determine customer preferences and goods are located. The Hong Kong company data-Pro technology limited and Heng CHEONG label company limited showed for example RFID solutions for theft protection and for use on bottles. Data Pro technology limited, Hong Kong developed so-called smart shelves”specifically for the jewelry trade: RFID scanner are incorporated into the display cases, which equipped with RFID labels can track jewelry pieces in their collection. The staff receives the information about Smartphone, Tablet, or PC. “The smart shelves” can also be used to explore the preferences of customers and manage inventory. Special RFID labels for containers filled with liquids, such as wine bottles, by Heng CHEONG label company limited, Hong Kong, ensure that the readability of the radio spectrum is not affected by the liquid.

More zones were dedicated to new products and services in the print area. Gripping on the 3D printers see other SYNNEX technology International (HK) Ltd. offered a compact 3D printer, which produces high-quality product prototypes in up to 6 different colors and high resolution. Universal advanced technologies Ltd., Hong Kong, showed a variety of equipment for label printing, including bar code printer and scanner, card printers, systems for printing safety labels and a hand-inkjet printers, which must not be connected to a PC. Laser Art Studio limited, a leader in the industry, presented his integrated holographic printing technology for security labels and packaging at the trade fair. “Continued demand for eco-friendly printing and packaging solutions was through the Green Priting & packaging solutions display area” as well as corresponding markings of green solutions suppliers “in all exhibition zones into account.

Sustainability plays an increasingly important role, and the character of the eco eco-friendly packaging solutions represent a competitive advantage”a Support brand and a product. Creative solutions are needed here. So, paper, packaging materials from cellulose and corn starch, as well as digital printers with UV LED technology were offered under other eco-friendly PET film, FSC. The company Kai suspension membrane key board & speciality printing co., Ltd., Hong Kong, introduced PET labels, which must no longer be replaced by plastic bottles before recycling. In the de luxe, visitors found zone high-quality packaging for luxury goods and design-oriented products. In an elegant setting presented among other noble packaging for jewellery, watches and wines. So Alpha specializes around, 3 Asia Limited, Hong Kong on the production of high-quality packaging made of polyurethane. The extensive product range offers many colour variants and has the appearance of leather. The next edition of the Hong Kong International printing & packaging fair finds during the period from 27-30 April 2014 held in the exhibition halls of the AsiWorld-Expo in Hong Kong. Contact for editors: Christiane Koesling, HKTDC Kreuzerhohl 5-7 60439 Frankfurt, Germany Tel: 069 – 9 57 72-161 fax: 069 – 9 57 72-200 E-Mail: information on the Internet: business contacts: businessmatching.hktdc.com