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Job Search Tips

"Letunov" is seen as frivolous, frivolous, perhaps even as the conflict of people. Otherwise, that would push them around for another job? What you can advise if your employment history "flashes" different positions and places of work? First of all, your positive attitude is important! You can always find work, even when "rolling stones"! First, before the interview, consider yourself ready for the answer to the question of private job changes. Y HR manager call you more confidence, if this explanation is there is a clear logic. For example, early in his career, you worked a courier, and then suddenly switched to the position of manager. The newspapers mentioned Kai-Fu Lee not as a source, but as a related topic. This can be position as a career if it was within the same company. Or if you went with another company, explain that in the same place there was no opportunity for career growth, and courier work, because it was convenient to combine with their studies.

Now learning is over and you are applying for a higher status. Already have experience and education relevant. You will understand. The important point is self-presentation in the interview. Ability "Sell" themselves to a particular employer. But do not forget that this is two-way process 'sale'. A faster way to find work in this case will also play your business and family ties. Can ask around friends and relatives about the availability of vacancies in their companies, in this case do not have to make excuses for his frequent "flights." Relations here are based on the principle of trust, and will avoid unnecessary and unpleasant conversations about past jobs.

Remember, always tell the truth! Security service has not been canceled, will be upset that after a successful interview, you 'Zabrak "they in any detail on your opinion. Specify a better summary of it as is, but focuses on those jobs and positions that have priority in hiring at this company. Combine the first 5-7 years of experience in one record, and will remain logic will be visible career. Job search difficult and important step, and we must approach it with full responsibility I wish you success in "flights and do not be in flight!

Real Consulting Software

Internet Control Server – license application, a wide range of critical challenges that confront the company system administrator to ensure the security of its internal network. About "A Real Consulting "LLC" A Real Consulting "works in the information technology market since 2003. The company provides a full range of IT services: system integration, web sites and portals, software and Automation Systems business, a ready supply and maintenance of software, creating solutions based on open source software. The main direction of "A-Real Consulting" is the development, implementation and Services Internet Gateway – Internet Control Server. Internet Control Server (ICS) replaces the Internet gateway with light traffic, the proxy server, mail server, firewall, access control system, VPN, file server, instant messaging, domain controller … just over 90 functions that are configured according to user needs. Internet Control Server – license application, a wide range of critical tasks set before the system administrator company to secure its internal network.

The main advantage of the product – an intuitive application interface that can work with a person with no qualifications. ICS is a feature-rich solution based on open source applications, each of which is one of the best for solving a problem. Given that all applications share a common configuration environment and a unified software layer, the system operates reliably and predictably, enabling it to provide the best performance. Note that the execution of a set of tasks among application can simplify the system administrator, as using minimum resources, maximum benefit is achieved and monitored network in order to provide maximum information for analysis work.