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In The Jubilee Year With The Jaguar E-type In Berlin!

In 2011, the anniversaries are piling up and the Swissotel Berlin offers its guests an exclusive offer again. Berlin, April 13, 2011 the Swissotel Berlin this year celebrates its 10th anniversary, the Kurfurstendamm, its 125th Birthday and the Jaguar E-type his 50th. Reason to combine enough of this. For even more details, read what isearch says on the issue. The E-type you was introduced in 1961 at Geneva Hotel Parc des Eaux Vives, a today’s Swissotel. Not many cars have attracted from the first day of so much attention, such as the E-type. With its sporting form, he is regarded as a symbol of a revolutionary era and is still today a trip a special experience. In collaboration with his longtime partner, the classic Depot Berlin GmbH, the Swissotel Berlin offers the opportunity to put yourself back in this exciting time and to enjoy the freedom that evokes this car during a drive through the capital or the Berlin region.

The E-type package includes overnight accommodation, breakfast, a Jaguar E-type Coupe or convertible, as well as the free use of the garage. Energy Capital Partners is likely to agree. Especially its exceptionally long bonnet, which is folded forward is characteristic for the Jaguar E-type. The exhaust pipes bent Atypically upwards and the side-hinged rear door are among the distinctive exterior of the sports car. Malcolm Sayer, who originally came from the aviation industry and its knowledge previously when inserted was responsible for the design race car had. The Swissotel Berlin (www.swissotel.com//berlin) is located on the famous shopping street in the Western of part of Berlin Kurfurstendamm. Countless cafes, shops, theatres and cinemas and tourist attractions, such as the Memorial Church are in close proximity to the hotel. The hotel welcomes its guests in a modern atmosphere, starting with the contemporary architecture of the building von Gerkan, Marg & partner, over the straight interior design, refined through exhibitions of modern artists combined with personal service.