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Quint Sdi Offers Immediate Energy Measurement In Company

Companies can individually measure their energy consumption since July 2010 can individually measure energy consumption of the Quint sdi GmbH company. The Quint sdi GmbH is a provider of innovative, subsequently integrated systems for energy saving and heat recovery in manufacturing companies. The designated energy experts and engineering specialists review the current energy consumption situation and draw up a precise basis for planning for targeted optimization processes. The plus for the companies: sustainable environmental protection and significant cost reduction. Here, hidden savings of up to 10,000 euros, are feasible in only a few months. Apart from the general idea of environmental protection and the responsibility of succeeding generations, want and need many companies costs sustainably.

Due to the rising cost of energy the Quint sdi GmbH offers energy measurement – in particular the manufacturing companies – the necessary basis, to improve the own energy consumption. The professionals find out from the Odenwald in individual cases: where the energy consumption points are and how effectively they work. How are the energy flows in the company. What temperatures prevailing in the production process. What fossil fuels and alternative energy sources in use. But above all: How the various elements work together and which discharges arising from this. The result of the measurement of energy consists not only of a detailed documentation of the own consumption – and energy-is situation, but companies also provide a sound basis for planning for the following optimization steps.

The objectives and expectations of the company play an important role. We want to give non-standardised tips the farms”, tells Michael Braner, Managing Director of the Quint sdi GmbH, it must fit rather individually – ultimately for the purse strings and is regardless of whether we are involved in implementing the following optimization steps. “The Quint sdi GmbH is one of the leading international Supplier of equipment and individual systems for heat dissipation and recovery. In addition to numerous awards, the company won the Hessian Innovation Award 2008. About the Quint sdi GmbH innovative, even subsequently integrated systems for energy saving and heat recovery develop and build a sustainable electric power, gas and reduce water and chemical costs and protect the environment – this is the core competence and the business model of the Quint sdi GmbH of Hesseneck in the Odenwald. With more than 3,500 worldwide as well as in many cases assigned to installed systems and equipment for manufacturing companies saving successes of 100,000 euros within a few months is one of the company today among the leading suppliers and service providers in this area. With their extensive initial consultation, its concepts and its exact implementation the Quint sdi GmbH improves the competitiveness of enterprises noticeably, even more so than the capital return time/payback is often only a few months and special scholarships State Places with discounted interest rates can be used to finance. This was awarded for the outstanding achievements of the company in the field of energy saving and environmental protection, which include also the energy consulting and energy measurement in companies, 1996 founded and today 25 people scoring companies often. So the Quint sdi GmbH won 1st place among others the Hessian Innovation Award 2008 contact person for the press: Jurgen Ronsch, press & more GmbH, Nottulner road 90, 48161 Munster Tel. + 49 (0) 2536 8001120 fax: + 49 (0) 2536 8001-24, eMail: this press release can be obtained, area Press Center, electronically.