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Absolute freedom has no linkage or compatibility with the right to other freedoms. This makes the anarchic sovereignty in the absolute manifestation of independence regional freedom of the individual, a live unintelligible and not compatible with rational, common sense and binding of all coexistence than in training functional State of the social system, constitutes the joint unit of his people. If freedom is absolute independence, does not exist. Since everything depends on something; and that something, of a whole. And to make possible an absolute freedom, it depends on the submission of these other freedoms that form and constitute their absolutism. Freedom is what is offered to us as easily to our own realization; and not in opposition to its difficulty, submit for our own purposes. Then true freedom has its support in what the others allow us to make in the social environment of coexistence where we realised; and not in the independentist autonomy of the absolute manifestation of ourselves.

Since dependency without the support of others, would not be possible the free realization of the individual as a independent and socially dependent human being as a fellow citizen in the mutual coexistence of the constituent formation of its society. The term conceptual as we call freedom is relative in the breadth of its deeper significance. Its root is formed in the essence of the conception of two primary parts: one, the freedom that provides the media and people in relationship and us socially facilitates; and another, which we claim in vindication of human rights by a change of mentality of the social environment in which we live so that it does not obstruct the des-inhibicion of our independence and dependence on those social relationships that will allow us to develop the realization of our own personality. Within both parties primordial freedom that is provided and which is claimed in the pursuit of the claim of rights of the essence of its conception, we can find three branches diverging freedoms which may arise of governmental crises and the beliefs and cultures of a people who have a deep lack of credibility not only in the resulting demagogic always, depending on the circumstances that determined them, of their policies, but also those habits and customs which characterize most rooted from their roots.