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3D Animation

To date, 3d animation closely came into our life and is widely used in fields such as computer games, movies, gaming and advertising. And it's not just a fashion to new technology, it is natural striving for realism, clarity and simplify tasks. Much fun to play new games than in the old, in which all objects are drawn in two dimensions. With the increased demand for 3D graphics and increased proposal. Currently, the network can find a huge number of proposals for the visualization of interiors, creating 3d models, 3d objects and animation. What is the difference between the quality of 3d graphics poor? To answer this question we must remember that the creation of 3d models and animation includes several stages: Modelling, texturing, Rigging, Animation, 3d-Rendering Many designers reach a high level of performance in one or more types of work, but do not pay enough attention to others. But errors and omissions at any stage of creating and animating 3d models can spoil the overall impression of the entire work.

Because good quality 3d designer performs all phases of work ranging from modeling 3d objects, and ending animation, the resulting model. Consider each of stages more: Modelling and simulation – the process of creating forms of any object or characters in 3D. For real objects modeling, usually performed on several photos or drawings, display the object from different angles. If in the final 3d image you see any sloppy or inaccurate in form – so bad modeling.