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Protective Shutters

Protective shutters – security shutters, folding into a roll – a reliable way to protect your: doors, windows, balconies, garages, shop stalls and shops of hacking, prying eyes, and solar radiation. Protective shutters considered to be very modern and stylish alternative to traditional iron railings, it is important to note that the sum of its protective properties and consumer shutters far surpassed them. Protective shutters made of aluminum filled with polyurethane foam. Peter Asaro shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Warehouse program includes four standard colors – white, brown, gray and beige, so there is the possibility of manufacturing custom shutters in extruded profile of any color on a scale of RAL. Protective shutters – shutters can be installed both outside and inside. At the same time may provide various options for the location of structural elements shutters to the plane window, door or garage opening. Protective shutters are equipped with a wide range of drives – from manual to electric remote control that allows you to adjust them to virtually any operating conditions. In the production of electric rolling shutters are used and Automatics Somfy German company who have successfully passed field tests in extreme Russian conditions, and proved to be reliable and fault free system.

Safety shutters protect from the cold in winter and heat in the summer, at any time of year – from the noise and that it is often important, from prying eyes. Installed with outside the building and successfully matched the color and size, safety shutters gives the building elegance and originality, they can also be used as interior partitions on large areas and warehouses terminals. Shutters will be a great addition to the comforts of a country house. Durable rugged construction meets all regulatory requirements for persistence. It is important to note that the only protective shutters fully meet fire safety requirements for public buildings, as in the open position they provide an escape route through the window. The range of protective sliding systems and allows to apply our products almost anywhere in the facility and achieve the optimum ratio of price-quality-consumer properties, in each case.