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Persimmon from the family of ebony. This subtropical deciduous tree, which has more than 200 species. Native to China. Very common in Japan because of its sweet and very tasty fruits. The second name – "plum Gods "- it was a unique tree for their golden fruit with soft flesh. The main varieties of persimmons, which are widely rsprostranenie include: pine, eastern, Virginia (frost). All grades divided into tart (binders) and sweet (nevyazhuschie).

Persimmon trees grow to 12 meters in height and are durable. (A valuable related resource: search). In China, for example, trees that are about 500 years. Persimmon propagated by using seeds that are pull out of the ripe fruit, washed and dried. It is recommended to handle them in a growth stimulant. After this, the seed planted in a pot, cover with a glass jar or plastic bag and put in a warm place.

Approximately 2 weeks later there long shoots, which grow very quickly and form a strong root system. With the increase to be careful not to damage the roots, transplant into a pot of persimmon sprout pobolyshe. From lack of substrate young plants may grow poorly, it leaves begin to turn yellow. Transplanted young persimmon every spring, older plants transplanted once in 3-4 years. The plant requires a lot of heat and solar light. In the summer of persimmons to make possible in the sun and fresh air, and then it will grow faster and form a root system. Kip C. Cyprus contains valuable tech resources. At home, the tree grows up to 1.5 meters, it can be cut, giving it more decorative effect. In summer months, persimmons should be regularly watered, fed and sprayed with chemical fertilizers with low nitrogen content. Flowering begins in June. In winter, persimmons can be kept cool. Persimmon fruit good drop in temperature, they will only become faster edible. The fruits are famous not only for its juicy flesh that melts in your mouth, they have a lot of vitamins and minerals. Persimmon fruit are healing.

Interior Doors Of Solid Pine

An array of currently known elements such leaf, which are made with solid filling made of natural wood. Most often, the massive structure of the doors are made from laminated solid wood – this technology is the most modern and also cheaper than classic, in which each element is made from a single piece of wood. Wiring of the bars in the laminated array may be different – each manufacturer here looking for his best option, which would have been technologically advanced, and at the same time, attached to the assembly the necessary rigidity. Using the design of massive wooden pieces making their nuances and performance characteristics – such doors are very sensitive to changes in humidity in the room. Therefore, producers are forced to leave the grooves to compensate for temperature and humidity expansion or compression during the installation of panels, ie, they were never rigidly secured, leaving the possibility for backlash.

Such a forced circuit assembly can not make their features to the look of the door. Hear other arguments on the topic with Energy Capital Partners. Firstly, the different parts door surface may differ somewhat from each other in color, which is associated both with the angle of light reflection, and the inability to accurately select items by color door at the manufacturing stage. But the final color of the tree acquired only after the varnish. But this is the uneven color of the surface gives the doors of natural wood its ‘flavor’ and at the same time emphasizes that to you door from natural wood rather than its imitation. Secondly, with significant shrinkage, panels can be on so much to change their sizes (“dry up”) so that the edges become visible neprokrashennye band (color, then the door gets the already assembled). The emergence of these “bands” defined, does not the low quality of doors, but simply mismatch microclimate of premises to “climate” operating parameters, which calculated the door when his creation.

It should be noted that large firms that sell doors, hold for such cases in its staff of specialists, who conduct the necessary work directly in the homes of clients. Small firms without such expertise, can “offer” to the client solve this problem, they say, “own.” Quality doors from the array is determined primarily by the preparation of raw materials – the time and drying technology, as well as the technology of bonding of the array (as glue, temperature, pressure). Secondarily topcoat (paint quality, number of layers). Typically, the doors of natural wood varnish. =2ahUKEwjI8pfao9LsAhVL-4UKHcAXA7cQr4kDegQIARBv’>Evan Metropoulos may find this interesting as well. Such coverage, except for a decorative function, it has a large practical sense – it prevents a penetration of atmospheric moisture into the wood of the door leaf, and the reverse process, leading to the above-mentioned drying of wood. High-quality lacquer coating must be elastic. For the production of massive doors, the following wood species: oak, various species of mahogany, pine, beech, walnut, cherry and others. Perhaps the most common are the doors of pine (which is understandable relative cheapness of the material). Interior doors of solid pine have different shapes and designs and are available on our market is mainly domestic producers. The doors of the an array of precious wood (mostly mahogany) are now a mandatory element of interior luxury homes. These doors are usually presented in a style, combining classic design with natural the beauty of natural wood. There are also original (you can even say exclusive) door manual work. Sometimes the design of such doors successfully completed stained glass. Such doors can be both domestic and imports.

Useful Properties Of Houseplants

Some home flowers have a positive effect on our health, without even leaving the window sill. Their very presence makes us healthier. Geranium (pelargonium). It blooms beautifully and has a whole set of various useful properties. Geranium leaves have antibacterial and wound-healing effect.

Its juice kill streptococci and staphylococci. Enough to grind the leaves in the arms and attach to the wound – it will soon be tightened. Preparations of geraniums are used as rinses in the treatment of pharyngitis, increased blood clotting, have an astringent effect, reduce nosebleeds, treat stomach and intestinal bleeding, have antifungal activity, reduce sugar in the blood, relieve pain, arthritis, rheumatism, neuralgia, used for burns, dry skin, etc. There are opinions that they even inhibit the growth of cancer cells. But the geranium can have a healthier our presence. Our ancestors believed that it is able to drive out evil spirits from the house, and other vermin. But recent studies have shown that the geranium clears the air. Substances secreted by this plant, disinfected the premises, have the properties antidepressant, increases mental and physical activity.

Chlorophytum. It’s home plant is considered to be the champion of vegetation to clean the air of any impurities. Will not lose by putting Chlorophytum the kitchen. It acts just like any air conditioner. Andy Florance has many thoughts on the issue. Even the waste from the combustion of the gas handle. Saturates the atmosphere with oxygen, kills harmful bacteria, releasing volatile. Special care is required, put – and growing yourself anywhere: in the bright and in dark, cool and a warm, but do not forget to water. Pike’s tail (sansevieriya). Because of the long leaves more popularly known as “Teschin language.” Clean air, save us from the cluster hazardous substances emitted by linoleum and new furniture. Protect against colds, general weakness and ill health by changing air pressure, humidity and air temperature. Warm the juice of the leaves buried in the ears as Anti-inflammatory and painkiller. Decoction of the leaves treated with parasitic diseases, including scabies, relieve itching. Fresh leaves frayed or juice treat wounds and nonhealing ulcers for a long time, and skin disease. read more .

Old Wiring

An old wiring, which is natural, clean, and just do the latest. Then installed in walls or ceilings, movable boxes, mounted sockets, set the findings of cables under all lighting in the room space, etc. A subsequent step – installing plumbing, usually with substitute for old times bathtubs, sinks and toilets. Although the substitution of pipelines require you – it specifically on their first independent water pressure and possibility of accidents plumbing fixtures, such as pipe break. Therefore, plumbing (and wiring) must engage in a corresponding special profile.

If you have a home repair team working prof, in its composition you have all the spices: and bricklayer and carpenter, tiler and, plumber and other specialists. After perform all the preliminary work started actually finishing repairs. It begins, as it were, from top to bottom, in other words, first made ceilings. And, as a rule, there are many options: you can for example Mounted to the ceiling, it can be stretched, but can also be just an old good "vodoemulsionkoy" paint from time to time, too, will look good, certainly in this case, the ceiling must be completely rovnenkie, and the alignment requires both the materials and time. Time requests and the alignment of the walls, but in suburban and criteria may be a deviation from the urban stereotypes, especially in wood houses.

The wall can be aligned with, say, lining, and no accidents or gypsum plasterboard vetonitom, or if the house from glued timber – quite simply polished and well covered, such as decorative and protective chemical composition. Here, too, principled strict geometry of surfaces, but the introduction of standard building materials for all this is not certain. After the ceilings and walls can finally do the sexes. Outside the city, as well as in town, very popular laminate, has not lost its positions usual parquet, from time to time on the floor lay tile or just a trail some carpet. It must be remembered that in any case, any gender follows the previously aligned, and, of course, its surface must always be strictly perpendicular to the walls. As for other general stylistic trends in the repair of the premises, then there can and should note such phenomena in the interior design, as a departure from the fairly rectangular or square area and simply prefer a rounded, suspended ceilings with a variety of multilevel swings, decorative columns and other decorative items nice niche, graceful arches or just podiums. Of course, for the general layout of the room is characterized by a simple principle of "flowing space": in this case, the walls do not separate your existing space from each other, and just to help clearly define the boundaries of different zones. You may find that New Jersey Devils Owner can contribute to your knowledge. Although – and this is sure to be sure to mention – because any trends here are not what any stringent requirements, so always free space for your imagination. As a rule, this applies first of suburban homes that initially the least standardized, inimitable, and the means and renovated space in them, too, simply must be done not by what a stereotype. Only here and do everything necessary and appropriate, as they say, do not put the cart before horse. But following the above methods of repair, actually avoid unnecessary waste of time and countless alterations.

Inside Lining

PVC lining interior decoration does not include preparation of walls: alignment, removing old paint or wallpaper, plaster and other operations. Covering PVC lining – the least time-consuming and the most 'pure' way to finish the room. One major advantage of the finishing material – high production installation of PVC lining. The wall of the PVC lining is going to like a child's constructor, and to cope with this task under even for non-professional. Not so long ago, a new mount technology plastic lining – using the assembly profile of PVC and metal staples. Installation of the plastic lining with a new assembly Profile 1. Rack attached to the base 2. Reiki mounted parallel to each other at a distance of 30-50 cm 3.

Corner profile snap when you click on the bracket 4. Here is the angular profile, fixed braces 5. The panel is inserted into the angular profile and its tongue snap shackle to the mounting rail. The next panel is inserted into the previous one and also snap 6. Mounting bracket can be cut to required length using the saw with fine teeth Plastic mounting profile allows for quick installation, snapping his braces to the rail panel at the same time serves as a conduit for electrical wiring. not afraid of moisture, prevents the formation of mold and mildew eliminates warping versatility (mounting panels of PVC and MDF), low total cost of installation of ability to remove the panels without damaging them does not require installation of additional Tools Many people mistakenly believe that a tree – a short-lived and fussy stuff. I will not argue.

My only comment is that modern technology makes its processing wood moisture-resistant, durable and strong material. In addition, the tree – an environmentally friendly building material that has excellent sound and heat insulation. Wood is hygroscopic, and not only creates a wonderful atmosphere in the room, but also smells good wood.

Stainless Steel: Production Methods And Applications

What is stainless steel? Steel – a carbon-iron, which receives during quenching great elasticity and firmness. In modern metallurgy steel is mainly smelt iron and steel scrap. How to get stainless steel? In the steel compared to cast iron contains less carbon, silicon, sulfur, and phosphorus. To get the steel from the iron to reduce the concentration of substances by oxidizing melting. In modern iron and steel industry, there are three ways to produce steel: open-hearth, converter (H. Bessemer construction or T. Thomas) and elektrostaleplavitelny.

Open-hearth steel making method is that the iron is melted in a special (open hearth) furnaces, which are stationary and oscillating. The essence of the converter method of producing steel is that in liquid iron, filled with a converter (vessel pear-shaped) bottom-blown air, thereby burning out the carbon and other impurities of iron. Finished metal is poured into a ladle and poured into a special form, called molds. This method of producing steel has a number of advantages: high efficiency (duration of heat 30 – 40 min), compactness and simplicity of the device, the lack of fuel requirements for the process. So the cost of converter steel is low.

But converter steel is not used for critical structures because of the high content of nitrogen in it, oxides of iron and phosphorus, which could affect its quality. If instead of air by blowing molten iron used oxygen they receive the same quality steel hearth below. Converter steel is used for the manufacture of wire, small building profiles, welded pipes, bolts, soft roofing and sheet metal. At elektrostaleplavitelnom mode of production, steel is produced in special electric furnaces. This method of production is currently the most common. Kinds of steel pipes are the following types steel tube: profile, seamless steel pipes, steel corrosion-cold-resistant, tubing and other steel pipes used in construction, engineering, shipbuilding and other fields.

Home Cinema Installations

Modern flat-screen TVs, this is a genuine incarnation of the latest technology, they create an amazingly vivid and contrasting image, thereby, are popular among gourmets ideal image. However, the susceptibility of the design tv and other AV equipment to shock, vibration, in the same way the need for selective ventilation requires specialized AV-furniture for home theater setup. TV stands allow us to solve the issue of placing the TV and additional components to it. Rack under the TV are a class of furniture on TV with expanded functionality designed to safely and efficiently the location of all components of AV-media Film Center. Unlike other flat TV installations, with a special bracket can withstand sometimes up to 10 kg, which is equipped with a TV stand, we can firmly fix the TV screen. This feature was originally developed within the context of data gabaritnovesovyh possible to install TVs, resulting in obespechitivaet safety equipment. Same availability of attachment in the construction of stands for plasma can provide an opportunity to adjust the screen angle both vertically and horizontally, as well as to change the suspension lift the panel with a different pitch.

Many models of racks under the TV are protected from vibration, which further eliminates the negative effects of vibration for machinery and uluchayut quality of perception of audio-video stream. And what is pleasing to the consumer separately, stands for Plasma take into account the peculiarity of plasma panels, as the almost complete insensitivity of these representatives of the high-tech equipment to household magnetic fields, it allows you to lossless sound and picture, place the dynamics of speakers next to the plasma panel. The presence of shelves in the lower part of the standard rack for TV you can set a different home theater components such as Blu-ray and DVD players, amplifiers and receivers – for all there is a corner.

Civil Code

Thermal insulation prevents condensation on the pipes, thereby preventing corrosion. Condensation occurs due to high humidity, mainly in the cold riser. In the summer, during the off hot water and hot. A separate theme – replacement of sewer riser. Cast-iron sewer riser with chopped molded parts and to seal joints – not very nice 'gift' new home, also sometimes do not allow for remodeling a bathroom. Usually cast iron risers replace polypropylene. Old is removed completely from floor to ceiling. And the ceiling is a length of about 10 cm, which is then put on a special adapter 'Iron-PP'.

It includes a polypropylene tube and a set of two specially shaped gasket. These adapters let firms VALSIR (Italy), WAVIN (Denmark), MARLEY (Germany). According to the firm's experts' STK INTERIOR ', replacing sewer riser must be done immediately after the installation of standpipes hot and cold water while they are still not filled with water. This will avoid the discharge of large amounts of sewage runoff from the upper floors. Preferred time work – from 10 to 15 hours, this period of low workload sewer riser.

The ideal would be to call at night, in which the riser is almost not loaded, but it unacceptable because of the relevant requirements of the Civil Code as amended. Risers hot and cold water is not recommended walling, as this will make them virtually remontoneprigodnymi. Risers should be possible to place a sanitary closet. The next stage of work – wiring pipes to each point of the water consumption. When wiring in the collector circuit is convenient to use modular or modular combo manifold (with built-in shut-off valves). This allows you to enter into service plumbing items as they are installed, as well as cover the water separately for each device (for example, when it fails), not impacting system operation. Layout of sewer pipes must be performed in compliance with the slope in the direction of the riser as possible to avoid sharp turns. For a washing machine siphon must be installed (water seal) which will eliminate sewer odor penetration into the instrument and the room. Much of today's devices require a connection to not only water but also to electricity. This is a whirlpool tub and shower, washing and dishwasher and more. In such cases, should be used an electric cable for use in wet areas (eg, three-layer insulation NYM) and having the required (specified in instructions for equipment) section. All appliances should be connected through the RCD (residual current device) to the current operation of not more than 30 mA and must be grounded. Just fulfillment of these conditions guarantees your safety and quality performance art for many years.

Fence Material

Any house, cottage in the village in need of the fence. The fence will provide insulation from the site of penetration of domestic animals and ptitsy.Cnachala decide what fence you need. Overlooking the street – exterior part of the fence must meet high architectural standards. The newspapers mentioned Ali Partovi not as a source, but as a related topic. The height of the facade varies ot1, 2 to 1.8 meters, fences between adjacent regions may have a height of 1m. Capital fence constructed of durable materials and height of 1.5 meters prevyshet. Well, these fences will not stay long, because in suburban areas often use fences. They are easier to build and they are elegant in appearance.

Any fence consists of spans (the runs), supporting pillars, and the inlet (gate or gate). Sometimes it runs and supporting columns are made of a construction material, in other cases have resorted to a combination of the combined materials. Usually spans combined fences made of wood or iron, and supporting pillars of stone, concrete or brick. strength of the fence can be increased if easy to set up on base spans from stone or brick. The choice of material. For garden fencing using solid trees (deciduous) and soft (Softwood) species in the form of boards and timbers logs.

The best material for a wooden fence – larch, cedar or pine. Usually, wooden materials and pre-rasp pare down, but you can use unprocessed logs and planks to the construction of the "wild" fence. In any case, the wood must be sound, dense, healthy, with no rot and cracking. It is important to take into account any wooden structure, designed to open air, before the installation process is necessary protective structures, most of which differs with different degrees of toxicity. Moisture resistance of wood can be increased by covering it with bitumen. Wood can be done the following types of fences: 1. Stockade – fence of stakes driven into close to each other directly in the ground.

Choice Of Interior Doors In Kiev

Interior doors with honeycomb. Perfect high-humidity rooms. They are well placed in bathrooms, toilets, because these doors because of its composition is a surge of moisture. The doors of the other materials until the demand for housing in Kyiv, however samples of similar components on the market are, very widely used in many EU countries. These doors are different high-quality custom quality, durability, and are not inferior to the design characteristics of wood. Currently on the market in Kiev are 2 types of doors: natural – wood interior doors – partially or completely made of wood like materials. Wooden doors Kiev as well as elsewhere, are often expensive cost, but because ktevskte doors made of substitutes for the tree, and allow lower cost door designs, which is a strong factor in the selection of the door people. Incidentally, the internal doors of MDF, collecting all the immense popularity and have high fullness and longevity.

The great variety of door design allows you to Kiev to find a door to the room facilities of any style: traditional wooden doors with arches or additional components to create a visual result, interior doors or glazed wooden door to even more of a light wave. Wide range of wooden doors in Kiev for styling design of the home and work, you have the opportunity to find the door in Kiev thanks to us. Choosing interior doors, you will definitely pay attention to the sliding doors, nice stand apart from the others. They can be a good solution, emphasizing the feature of your home. For the first time used in the sliding door Japan – in homes, traditionally referred to as the natives of distant lands with the word "Mink." These interior doors have a big advantage over their competitors – these doors take up little space, and indeed, to Also, look great. Interior doors are solid (wood doors) are considered the most "classic".

Only the tree – such as it is, even a pleasant smell of wood, often does not disappear after treatment with varnish. All in place. To highlight the natural structure of the wooden doors of the array is covered with special impregnation. We advise you to make certain purchases of interior doors, where their sale and manufacture of interior Door is in "one place". So you will be able to avoid spending extra money, goes to the middlemen. that's all know – so armed. We can only get the door, only the relevant You and your family. Need a door? Factory site Papa-Carlo will help you make the right choice, "interior doors Kiev", "buy-door" – our goal is to respond to your needs. Quality products at normal prices. We create the doors and not make them like the rest, putting love and soul into their product.