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Happy Education

When classes open new ways to trigger the joys in the boys and girls, we discover the veil of what teachers imbued with the proper vocation we call socialization. It is nothing more than helping them discover the capabilities they possess, and that should be exploited for his own good. While it is true that many factors influence the learning it is also true that positive motivations in this respect are presented from the counselor who leads the Group of boys and girls. Because of a peculiar way of being itself, I have gained not only trust but also the affection of many boys and girls, within this environment in which I develop as a teacher. But do not leave Orient and advise to all those who come with the impulse to learn and be heard. There is affinity with people without distinction of age when they seek to learn good ways, above all with respect and affection.

We must retake the appearance conscious that children with which we deal with in this worthy task, are human beings, worthy of being respected and loved ones; not by taste tell us parents seconds. We then trust our work decent and dignified, to achieve that those beings who come to us to return home carrying the good thing they had learned to put it into practice; will otherwise have no support or value that can be taken within classrooms. Teachers have a mission: be Apostles of knowledge transfer and guidance counsellors of the formation of children and adolescents. Original author and source of the article