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Cultivating Innovation Awareness

Compared with the mining machinery industry (cement mill, belt conveyor etc) in the advanced countries in the world, the mining machinery industry in China is relatively backward but the gap also brings the huge room for improvement. In order to be able to reach the advanced level as soon as possible, firstly, we should recognize the gap, start from the gap and constantly improve our own level to improve the comprehensive ability of China s mining machinery.The main reason for the gap of mining machinery between China and advanced countries is the technical level. In terms of innovation, there is still a gap between the manufacturing level in China and that in international enterprises. The domestic mining machinery industry is facing a big challenge. The reasons for the gap of mining machinery (combination crusher, cone crushers) at home and abroad is various and the different market demand is the objective reason. Here, Robotics expert expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The excellent mining machinery manufacturers in the international market are concentrated in Europe and North America, where large-scale infrastructure construction stage has ended. The market demand for aggregates is weak and the environmental requirement is high.

It is bound to highly Center the sand plants of large-scale production to achieve environmental protection. The mining machinery specifications required should be with high automation and mobility. The mining machinery that can meet this market demand is different from the development of domestic mining machinery. We are in a period of large-scale infrastructure construction and the sharp increase in the demand for mineral resources everywhere appears, causing hot investment in mineral resources. The mines built under this environment are often small-scale and less investment. The short supply in market leads to the phenomenon that the shoddy products with low level of technology have access to the market, which not only cost high energy consumption, but also cause serious pollution of the environment.Judging from the current situation, the technology base of the domestic mining machinery industry is not solid. What is more, we are facing the grim situation that foreign competitors invest and set up factories in our country. Therefore, the innovation awareness of domestic mining machinery enterprises is forced to be excited.