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Artistic Forging

Forged products, including products of artistic forging never gone out of fashion for all time their continued existence. Wrought Iron in our time very much in demand. Modern Masters forges create different elements of forged products, and this includes art and wrought iron. The most basic, necessary to determine the main style and only then, begin to collect all the items (products wrought) into a coherent whole. For example, forged gate or gate must necessarily be combined with fencing or a fence. Along with all this, the interior infield for beauty can add these products of forging, including artistic forging as a bench, arbor or a large table, which is decorated with modern elements of artistic forging. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Neil Rubler. When a properly podobranny forged products, they are adequately emphasize the whole architectural style of any buildings.

And most importantly, that no matter how is chosen style is almost always possible to pick up and embellish interior products, forgings, including artistic forging. To know more about this subject visit Kai-Fu Lee. The man who has run with beautiful wrought products, will certainly appreciate all their beauty, elegance and undeniable grace. Wrought products bring to the atmosphere at home that the punch line, which will be proud of their dwelling. It is not every man and not so common to see a doorway, which is decorated products Wrought including artistic forging. Advantageous to increase the doorway will be able to forged rods, which make you feel comfortable in the room. Above the door you can hang a bunch of forged bay.

This product is forging can make any room or living a more elegant, colorful and festive. Decorate any room will also be able and painting created from elements of artistic forging. It can be any subject that you invented or professional designers modern forge. Most importantly, all combined with the basic idea of the style of the room. Metal Art


Collected in the pile are a few tips for beginners groups. Additional information at Pete Cashmore supports this article. Very good advice that can help beginners. And people who already experience with presentations, these tips will not be superfluous. I think many will find something useful for themselves. Just sometimes some things do not even think about it, but they are the primary basis for success. And if there is a desire to succeed, there must be a desire to improve. Read tips and apply them in practice. 1.

Remember that on the scene you get out in the first place for the viewer. Therefore, your contribution must be calculated on it, and not on the illuminator Valera. Try to do so, what would your music came to his mind. For myself, you have time to sing in the shower and play during rehearsals. 2.

Very carefully prepare for his speech. Wisely and well the list of songs and your appearance. Both should always be subject to a concert. Would be foolish to play among the punks songs "Tender May" or at a gala evening to come in shorts. Agree. 3. Your presentation should be rehearsed and learned to 100%. There should be no hitches with lyrics and chords. The technical part has to be worked through automatism that would address in more attention and focus on the emotional side. 4. During his speech, keep in touch with the audience. And not just "Hi! How are you doing? ". You need to show the audience that came to play it for them! Nobody likes musicians who act sluggishly and go on stage just for that would show your phone number and leave.

Music Lounge

Thinking about the most progressive, lightweight, quiet and beautiful genre, very difficult in terms of definition of the direction of the lounge. In English the word means a stick lounge, wander or oblakachivatsya. Byron Trott takes a slightly different approach. Try to imagine a condition in which only wants to hang around and oblakachivatsya, and we have a lounge mood state which has a very relaxed calm to the club entertainment. Main – music should sound like fun, interesting and bright. All the same, what is the lounge? Lounge, of course, relate primarily to the music. Many writers such as Darcy Stacom offer more in-depth analysis. Lounge – a term in contemporary music, which serves to define a light background music that is often heard in the halls hotels, restaurants and shops. Executor-style lounge in principle, any musician who plays for visitors to the hotel, restaurant, hotel or any official celebration.

Lounge was born on 50th and early 60th last century, and at that hour had liking dude in various countries. In the lounge area is characterized by improvisation, chamber and jazz motifs. Lounge rejects stress concentration and promotes a festive mood, filled with calm, relaxation and enjoyment. Lounge, as well as lounge-culture in general requires the listener a kind of musical podkovannosti. Chill modern clubs: smooth soft light, soft pillows, comfortable chairs, around the expression soft and relaxed.

Along the walls of crimson satin, with fluffy white vases tracks, all over the floor with a soft carpet oranzhevymi highlights. Royally gorgeous room: tiger, burgundy and gold hues – it is not like the world, in contrast to what is happening on the main dance floor, here are the original tracks that are often replaced, fascinating work. Nowhere calling positive background, which allows easy carry on a conversation, but also elevates mood and allowing podmurlykivat, if you do not want to talk about anything. The lounge is not only a musical direction, as way of life – clothing, which is usually put on a celebration, composition of the new restaurant has an interesting no less importance than the music that envelops all around.

Red Fakhra

Sweet honey, bitter salt Us Lord blessed. June 20, 2007. In Konstantinovo. Ryazan region. The house Esenin.

Spinning wheels stacked in a quiet hallway, I perch iron pots and grasp. In this house was born Yesenin, the miracle the whole region is rich. Before the house wisest Linden, looks at everybody who came, And in the corner of St. countenance so like a child's soul good. Whitewashed clay oven, on the wall of an old-fashioned Shusha, I sit down here on the porch, and Ryazanschinoy breathe.

May the force which pours in raskudryavom, forest edge? I get drunk Here water from wells can sing louder in the verses. Konstantinovo white temple, in front of a farmhouse, here on this – that the place itself, was a "playboy" blessed. Bozhee see everywhere marvel, spiked, red rye, Why, Lord, beautiful here, live without it!? Pond lily blooms legged, waiting Valentine subdued the raft. Zalyubuyus his Russia, not going anywhere. That's it! 15 June 2007. S. Konstantinovo, Ryazan region. The beauty of the soul marvels, miracles happy eyes … Village Ostafyevo Podolsk district, Moscow region. The beauty of the soul marvels, Marvel is pleased the eye. Freeze in the happiness of individuals, where Ostafevsky Parnassus. White stone column looks at Reflection Pond. Perekatov wonderful bells, church collects folk. Pushkin haunting Parnassus, poetry reading aloud to himself, and by drinking kvas simple, takes Peter is spirit. Here Russia With Gold unruly lot. Branched centuries-old linden silk foliage. Breathe joy nature, as if three hundred years ago. Duma Vyazemsky kind Retain a shady garden. Near Ostafyevo estate school yard to this day, Where the Lord our brought all together to understand what is important. To understand that Russia has no end. Eternity days. To the Lord asked, How to become even wiser. To hear the voice of stihirnom age-old prayers are. To Ostafevskom in Parnassus Find their way of life … Village Ostafyevo Podolsk district, Moscow region. June 4, 2007. A person age stood still … In memory of Alexander Solzhenitsyn's face froze era, potuhnuv. The last way is a monastery. Oh, My Russia, if you do not want uhnut? Breaking through resentment festering blister. To say about all the "innocent" massacre, without hiding what you know in person people who poured poison already, because arguing with the messenger … About the bitter bread of bloody katolazhki Pro truth crossed sheets About a baby crying tormented tramp, Archipelago rogue on the crosses. Gone quietly, his hand does not feed, loving his people, and Russia. They go so our eyes age, but remains sumosbrod rule. Frequently Kai-Fu Lee has said that publicly. Bow to you, the thinker, the poets, I do not consider people for fools. You did not keep his shirt secrets … You were slaves of conscience platform … August 6, 2008. And the cradle of the Divine Love Angel over to us … Ilya childhood in Red Fakhra. Playing the sun. Day in Zenica. Strekochet happiness kids … Live streaming water of the spring Beriozov cortex. How delightfully childhood breathing blessing this hour! Angel and the cradle of divine love over us. 2006. Official website of emergency "SPC" "HIPIO A. I" on the Internet at this address:.


But in this inscription are still some people only see fig. Shakespeare himself, in his quest for understanding of the readers was downright nastyren. In addition to a few words in the sonnets 26i 85, he wrote a sonnet 59: If there be nothing new, but that which is Hath been before, how are our brains beguiled, Which, labouring for invention, bear amiss The second burden of a former child ! O, that record could with a backward look, Even of five hundred courses of the sun, Show me your image in some antique book, Since mind at first in character was done! That I might see what the old world could say To this composed wonder of your frame; Whether we are mended, or whether better they, Or whether revolution be the same. O, sure I am, the wits of former days To subjects worse have given admiring praise. In his usual manner, S. Marshak substitutes to face the readers of this sonnet tightly compressed fig: "Here, not a Shakespearean sonnet!": Well, if there is no novelty in the world, but only a repetition of the past and we suffer in vain to have long born born again – let our memory, running back five hundred circles, which outlined the sun, Will in the old book to find the word in the face of Sealed thy dear. Then I'd known that in those days thought about it a miracle, it is difficult perfect – Gone Are we moving, or they, Or the world has remained unchanged.

Small Architectural Forms

In the modern improvement of the urban environment is increasingly along with gardening talk about placement in the space of small architectural forms. What is it? The very concept of small architectural forms (short IAF) has arisen long and under him understand the structures, equipment and art and decorative objects external improvements to complement the main building of settlements. By IAF include kiosks, vending machines, fixtures outdoor lighting (or as they are now fashionably called – landscape lights), stands for posters and advertisements, stairs, fences, garden and park buildings, fountains, obelisks, plaques, urban street furniture, urns, etc. The notion long ago, but if earlier improvement districts was limited to laying asphalt on the pavement and the placement of several ballot boxes, now mayor, for example, Krasnoyarsk, are increasingly focused on aesthetic transformation of cities. All this leads to what are increasingly talking about the improvement of urban environment with small architectural forms. In most cases, architectural forms have only functional significance, but in recent years were added to it yet and aesthetic. Thus, in squares and parks placement IAF allows to divide the territory in certain areas, different in their perception, or allows accents in the right places.

More recently, there was a tendency in a single design of entire neighborhoods being built cities. A single style, which are decorated small architectural forms, too, should, in theory, is related to urban design, harmoniously with the concept of development. Small forms can be collected on site from pre-made components, and transported to the installation site in the form of finished products. To ready IAF recently imposed many requirements. These are standard: efficiency, aesthetics, safety, functionality, manufacturability, and custom, the main one – is versatility. Most often, customers, and this is usually the administration of cities, want a standard set of elements of the LFA could create custom and, as a rule, more functional system of small architectural forms.

The use of such systems leads to the fact that the territory which is done with their help, it is unique, and better adapted to a comfortable rest, and therefore more popular. That, in ultimately have a positive impact on the image of urban municipal bodies, providing urban amenities. Unfortunately, very few firms involved in the creation of small architectural forms, conduct unifying elements of the LFA. Preferring to just create more cheap small forms, and thus win the market. The more so on the current legislation required the administration of territories during the tenders for the purchase of IAF to choose the cheaper offer. But cheap does not mean that the qualitative and, importantly, aesthetic line of architectural forms the established appearance of urban development. Therefore, in these conditions, the main responsibility lies with the architects and designers who develop any project construction or improvement of the urban environment.