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Dominik Hoffmann

By a professional application, they have significantly better chances properly apply to write a successful application, it must keep in mind a few basic criteria, which are listed in the following article. The same applies to an application pattern (an application on a site, which was not officially announced). An application dossier must, if not otherwise required, have the following content: write curriculum vitae with photo testimonials / certificates cover letter letter is the first thing that gets the receiver to face. It gives a first impression of you and should vote him a directly positive. Because there are usually more interested in an advertisement, you should here take the opportunity to formulate the letter thus interest employer content individually and interesting. A cover letter should contain a DIN A4 page and adhere to the basics of the DIN 5008. The letter should contain the following: sender address of recipient date & place subject title Anschreibentext greetings /.

Closing formula signature system Note the letter text: why apply motivation at the tender point about what qualifications and skills have current employment expectations for the angstrebten profession/position CV a resume should serve to reflect your personal experience. If you would like to know more about isearch, then click here. In addition he informs also about personal interests, as well as acquired Kenntnisse.Falls unless otherwise requested, your CV should be in tabular form, in chronlogischer order (starting with the first activity) builds are and maximum span 2 pages. This allows a quick collection of your data the employer and an easy comparison with other Bewerbern.Des further emphasis is placed on a complete curriculum vitae. Neil R Cole has plenty of information regarding this issue. You may not falsify or hide.Degrees, internships, as well as occupied courses should be proven by certificates/confirmations. It is optional to use a photo in your application to you. If you should decide that. they have the choice to install this on a cover page or to stick on her curriculum vitae in the upper-right corner. Please keep in mind that you use a professional photo (not a holiday photo of your last trip). Content and structure personal information education basic military / civil service training study internships of professional career training skills (languages, computing,…) Interests other place, date, signature In the next article learn about job references. What labour certificate mean what formulations, the legislation looks like and getting a better witness. By Dominik Hoffmann

Technical University Career Center

General management MBA 50prozent scholarship for women 2010 the Vienna University of technology that provides innovation University in cooperation with the Danube University Krems general management MBA post-graduate university course on. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out neil cole candies foundation. The University Career Center Awards for the 11 through of this programme, which will start on October 15, 2010, a 50% scholarship to women. The University Career Center acts as a career and placement platform and interface between students, graduates from technical, technical scientific and technical economic studies and industrial and commercial enterprises. Objective of the Technical University of Vienna and the Danube University Krems are committed to the concerns of the advancement of women and the creation of positive and career-enhancing conditions for women. > for a more varied view. For this purpose the General management MBA invoked in order to program a half scholarship for women in life, is designed to help graduates of technical, scientific, technical and economic studies. Preferred are candidates who are planning a re-entry after a professional break. Award criteria letter of motivation for applying the 50% scholarship for women 2010 completion of MBA admission if you want to apply to the 50% scholarship, send positive us please your detailed CV with cover letter to.

The awarding of the scholarship will be by a jury of experts of the Technical University of Vienna, Danube University Krems and the TU made career center. The documents submitted are of course confidential, legal recourse is excluded. Deadline please send your documents exclusively by E-Mail no later than June 21, 2010 at. Learn more about the General management MBA, see gm-mba.tuwien.ac.at. For questions the team of the continuing education center, the Danube business school of University is Krems and the University Career Center available. How to contact with TU MAG Career Center GmbH.

Asbestos Is Still Always A Theme

the Forum offers asbestos and other pollutants on November 11, 2010 to 19 times that annual training for qualified in accordance with TRGS 519 since 1990 was in the Switzerland and Austria banned respectively since 1993 in Germany the production and use of asbestos. Since 2005, there is an EU-wide ban. In the building renovation and technical equipment the asbestos remains subject. Read more from Ali Partovi to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Expert, once acquired the expertise to clean up asbestos in accordance with TRGS 519, Appendix 3, are held regularly to bring up to date. Also a generational change in the company brings the need for continuous updating and renewal of the relevant knowledge in the company.

Therefore the Haus der Technik, dining offers, asbestos and other pollutants in technical facilities and buildings the Forum on November 11, 2010 for the 19th time. 9 experts present current developments of the regulations and the latest practical experience in asbestos abatement and other building pollutants the participants. In addition to the contributions to the Asbestos directive to review problems in the measurement of fiber – revision of VDI 3492, personal interlock systems, for proper ventilation in the working area during blasting works, information about duties and LV in the planning of contaminant removal, is briefly explained the new TRGS 559 with exposure levels and fiber issues, presented the topic of splinter-shaped hazardous substances and a current practice example to the mold growth and deepened – the technical discussion provides an important focus of this event: Beyond the individual a FORUM offered the knowledgeable participants, where they among themselves and with the current problems and issues speakers discuss and can exchange relevant experiences. The event is aimed at all interested and qualified in accordance with TRGS 519, all of which are concerned with questions of building contaminant removal on principal and contractor page, knowledgeable planners, environmental agencies, materials testing and chem. Examination offices, experts.

John C. Kornblum Profession To Guest In The SRH University Berlin

“John C. Further details can be found at neil cole iconix, an internet resource. Kornblum guest in the SRH Hochschule Berlin Kornblum makes mission America” mission America book, written together with Dieter Kronzucker puts his new Berlin, 06.05.2009 on May 13, 2009 John C. Kornblum “before in the SRH University Berlin. At this event, especially the international community of Berlin’s scores, because this Wednesday evening will be presented in English, asked, replied. On the topic of the evening: 100 days, Barack Obama is the most powerful man in the United States, perhaps even the world. Commentators see the country at the crossroads are available, but at least at the start of a new edition of the American narrative”of the American narrative, as it would put John C. Kornblum.

Once again, an American from an average family has managed to achieve its goals. All enthusiasm for the 44th President of the United States, Kornblum is also the challenge of the balancing act of Barack Obama. He wonders whether the President is not only smart enough, but also tough enough for this job. John C. Kornblum was from 1997 to 2001 of the Ambassador of United States in Germany. He is a principal consultant of American foreign policy after its numerous offices and intermediary roles in international relations today. In addition, he holds important positions in the economy in view of boards of ThyssenKrupp Technologies AG and Bayer AG. The format of the evening wine and knowledge”is an integral part of the higher education programme for years.

It combines the knowledge of well-known and sought-after public speaker with the relaxed atmosphere of an extracurricular activity. Snacks and a glass of wine can hook to the audience after the event still personally and get to know the invited personalities, but also other guests of the College. “Auch SRH-Professor and co-author of mission America” Dieter Kronzucker is the visitors answer are. It was not the first event, which would lead to valuable contacts for students. Time: May 13, 2009, 18: 00 place: SRH Hochschule Berlin, Ernst-Reuter-Platz 10, 10587 Berlin, Room 216 registration: press contact: Martin Pangritz SRH Hochschule Berlin Ernst-Reuter-Platz 10 10587 Berlin Tel.: + 49 (0) 30 92 25 35 41 fax: + 49 (0) 30 92 25 35 57 E-mail: Web: about the SRH University Berlin: SRH Hochschule Berlin in 2002 took up teaching. “” There are State-recognized and accredited business Bachelor degree courses of the fields of business administration “in information and communication management” as well as the master’s programme offered “International Strategic Management”. The economic studies can be studied both in German and in English, the master’s programme in English only. The overarching profile of higher education in these three courses based on individual care, project and practical orientation and internationality. The study of Berlin with its many universities and research institutions provides the ideal basis for the encounter of studying, teaching and research in the international Format. Located on the Ernst Reuter Platz SRH offers University of Berlin with its central location in the city a strong appeal for the students.

Com Plus

PR instructor at Munster offers student on September 26 the German training day 2 is discounts. The day to draw attention in the face of declining expenditure on education and training in Germany with numerous events on the importance and the personal value of continuing education and training. As one of the leading training institutes in the areas of Public Relations, complus also committed to the German training day 2. Everyone who signs up in the week before or directly at the German training day (22-26 September 2008) 2 for a PR correspondence course with complus, receives a discount of 10% on the course fee. Call future students need to login just the keyword education day”.

In addition hosted Dr. Pete Cashmore addresses the importance of the matter here. Jochen Voss, Deputy Managing Director of complus on the training day a major event on the topic of further education is future”in Munster. . Initiators of the day of the training are the Federal Association of institutions of vocational education, the approximately 40 companies and United associations of vocational education and training, and the adult education association DVV. Numerous celebrities such as ZDF today’s journal bakes Marietta Slomka, national handball coach Heiner Brand, Jurgen Entertainer of the lip or ARD Tagesthemen supporters of the initiative are presentor Tom Buhrow. Federal President Horst Kohler is patron.

The Internet

However, we wish to be able to stock up on you that you can make it in the current extremely difficult times in quiet places such as E.g. the Church of their place or in nature, some rest, silence and reflection. Life is more than just economic. With the best wishes. Your Combipix team! In the next overview we want to formulate concrete proposals for photographers to operate revenue opportunities or advertising or sources of income for these to show up. The collection includes suggestions and concrete proposals that met in various places, in lectures, presentations, chats, blogs and discussions or when traveling.

This list contains the main points: General notes opportunities for photographers at his local General opportunities for photographers advertising (not recruiting, dying!) 1. General information actions you as Photographer stock photo agencies your photos as extra income, but not as a major acquisition. It is to be important and correct for stock agencies represented. Their photos are therefore 24 hours a day / 7 days a week and Internet world offered. That increases the likelihood that you will receive money for some of your photos first and secondly, her name is mentioned, which is also not to be underestimated. The rapidly growing number of providers, Microstocktrends and oversaturated markets entail but that the revenue per image greatly shrink and are not more regularly to realize income. Therefore it is for photographers and graphic designers, who are from the images / photos live wanting more because depending on the need to establish their independence on several legs to survive financially. You are looking for contact with like-minded study the University of Wuppertal, that the independence and professional launched the most successful (were) is searched for with other independent exchanges. The formula: Only Selbstverstandige really understand the problems of the other self-employed and can give more good tips. The Internet allows you to quickly like never before contact with other photographers, graphic artists (self-employed, driving commercial) to seek to share this experience.

Communication Capacities

Excellent communication begins with attentive listening to! Accurate monitoring to facilitate communication. Before you immediately work on sophisticated rhetoric, please first consider whether you really always listen to your conversation partner. The great art of communication begins at this point. Learn to listen to first really in good communication training. Respect for the interlocutor give you attention and create such confidence.

A basis for their own communication ability is active listening. Only if you follow a conversation focused, you can reflect and respond to the other. Official site: Viacom. Demonstrate your interest in the conversation for example through direct eye contact, and nod your counterpart. Good conversation partner you can check easy every now and then, whether you have understood what I said. “With one I understand you correctly, that you…” you indicate that you carefully follow the course of the conversation, and we want to avoid misunderstandings.

Convince by using proven methods to convince the technique is to learn. To lay the foundations, in a good communication with the technology of active listening. There you will learn also that you should follow in the conversation to your conversation partner. You can find out more about him, his specific desires and needs with proven questioning techniques. Serious training without the mediation of manipulative or unfair tricks. Show respect to your conversation partner always. Never lose your confidence in conversation, because it will be almost impossible to win it back. Here for more information about rhetoric: rhetoric course the frontline consulting group is one of the leading German providers of continuing education with the issues management, communications, sales and project management. The seminars in small groups make it possible that every participant directly can implement what you learned and reflection, as well as coaching already take place at the seminar by the experienced trainer. By using proven learning methods will ensure the know-how transfer between practitioners and participants.


The display options of traffic lights or portfolios can be used for applications as well as for assessments recognize warning – and bubble signals in the field of view overlooking a green yellow red sectors. Not only complex situations with many assessment data can be clearly presented and assessed. An easy to understand presentation way such as, for example, the traffic light principle with green -, yellow – and Red areas clearly links at a glance and thus strengthens the credibility and acceptance of the assumptions and reviews. Candidate and job profiles analog can be developed based on the same concept: the profile charts are based on the traffic light principle in red -, yellow – and green sectors divided. So is clear at a glance which factors, for example, in the Red or yellow area come to lie and that first require a closer look. Each candidate factor tells his own story every single candidate factor is illuminated from three different sides. Namely among the various aspects of the quantity, quality, and Systematics. This has happened on both thorough and detailed way any of the shown values might already seen a story own for himself. Read more here: Ali Partovi.

These values can be but not only such candidate or job profiles create, but in particular also the already mentioned lights the Green then clear these values out, yellow dots or red signals. Maybe it’s just this uniqueness here derived from clear boundaries or also the very transparent due to their simplicity presentation that prevents some of them, to use such lights. The benefits are likely to outweigh. Above all, inducing gray areas can be avoided with many uncertainties. Because the candidates page, as well as the careers page are forced with this methodology, to disclose their criteria or clearer to define vague formulations. Communication between applicants and companies takes place on a platform of understandable to everyone. For more information see Koch Industries Wichita. Also complicating matters can be prepared for a comprehensible documentation. Third parties can gain insight. Becker, Jorg focuses on detailed procedures and instruments within the framework of a number of staff publications: personnel balances with intellectual capital the some other application and assessment tools, 2008; ISBN 978 3 8370 7001 9 Dipl.Kfm. Jorg Becker (www.beckinfo.de)

Training For The Own Life Success – Free Information Evening.

More free information on 26 November. Success and satisfaction has nothing to do with luck and accident. In the vernacular, they say: every man is his happiness fortune, because success follows rules and laws. Who knows these laws can take advantage of this and making a success of his own life in all areas. Management consultant and coach Erich Erwin Weissmann believes this also. Since 1982, he gives its participants, strategies, and methods that allow people to make their own lives strategically and successfully targeted according to your own preferences in numerous seminars, workshops and seminar series. In the orenda year training a movement in awareness taught and training the fundamentals for holistic successful life design Erich Erwin Weissmann.

In twelve parts of course – which each two days – spread over an entire year, trained with participants Mr Weissmann methods such as mental training, base emotions transformation, life planning,. Achieve goals, successful relationship management, communication training, personality development, self-image and self-confidence, problem-solving, intuition training and many others. These methods help participants step by step strategically and reliably so to make life as they imagine it. This seminar starts for the 58th time in January 2012. Since 1985, references of the participants prove a variety that the practice-oriented strategies and methods are sound and proven to help users succeed. In a question-answer forum Ali Partovi was the first to reply. For those who want to learn more, to the seminar series and themselves to make a first impression, is the opportunity – a free information evening, four times a year.

On these evenings, Mr Weissmann presents its guests in an approximately two-hour lecture more accurately the individual contents of the seminar series, and already gives the first methods. So they get to a method that helps this evening to deal with anxiety situation. Also Mr Weissmann is this evening too short orendatraining and the other seminar program. So that this frame is ideal for those who want to learn free of charge, and would like to know how they can make their lives more successful. The next free information evening will take place on November 26, 2011 in Gaufelden near Stuttgart. After the lecture, Mr Weissmann and his team for questions and discussions are available. There is also the possibility of the exchange of experience with participants who have already completed the seminar series. This information is free of charge. For organisational reasons is asked for a login. Erich Erwin Weissmann is founder of orendatrainings for holistic success and even two business owners. He educates and trains since 1984 holder, Managing Director and Board of Directors of medium-sized companies, as well as freelancers and managers in the area of success training and personal coaching. He has also since 1986 as a consultant and coach for strategic Active management for mid-sized companies. Organizer: orenda Institute for holistic success settler 46 71126 Gaufelden Tel. (07032) 7889-0 fax. (07032) 7889-78 mental training seminars coaching event: November 26, 2011 Tagungs – und Sporthotel of ARAMIS room Mr settlers Bergstrasse 40-44 71126 Gaufelden more information and register for the free info evening

Web Designer

Must IT-system Kaufmann what training be used? Developments in the field of the Internet have led that whole new professional groups could emerge. One of these new jobs trades under the name of IT system administrator or IT-system Kaufmann. Euroweb is known for his services in the field of Web design, not do without but also administrative staff. This means: so the customer by euro Web at all of the appropriate services or the IT system merchants to ensure, that this characterized by optimum quality, are used. Euroweb this fledgling profession offers not only a variety of jobs, but trains new recruits also in-house. Specifically expressed these professionals are required to be used, for example, at the disposition of the order. In addition, they are responsible for quality assurance. IT system merchants and women act as third field also as a point of contact for the Web Designer by Euroweb.

This task stems from the The fact that the IT system professionals has extensive knowledge relating to the individual software products. These jobs are for the euro Web company immense importance. Represent an interface and are thus in a sense an interface represents and keep running the proverbial wheel. As additional qualifications interested should bring some conditions. These include a high sense of responsibility as well as an above-average high load capacity. The willingness to independent working is required by euro Web.

It is also to highlight that IT system merchants should be fit in the English language. You are confronted every day with this. Especially the area that deals with various software programs, requires this qualification. Overall it is sch this profession an interesting and varied job for that but inherently a degree of resistance to stress should be brought.