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The Gcompris

Amongst them we will see some analyses. 3.1.1 How much to the functionality The Gcompris possesss a pleasant environment, with a simple interface that was projected to be manipulated easily by small children. The apia Gcompris if in the tools of the computer as keyboard and mouse. Using them separately, allowing the easy manuscript of children with dislexia and generating bigger partner-motor abilities in the pragmatic process of the knowledge. Investor has similar goals. Thus it satisfies the necessities while therapeutical tool. – Adequacy – It adjusts itself perfectly while educational software, to develop the cognitivo potential and emotional of dislxicas children, this is possible thanks to its set of integrated tools strategically located and perfectly functional.

– Acurcia – the correct exit of the results generated for the work carried through in the Gcompris is guaranteed through the resources in convincing a pedagogical perspective, that simulates all activities of playful form in the process of teach-learning of the conventional, everything for the use of the multimedia in education, thus with the use of images and sounds, the child learns with much more meaning. – Interoperabilidade – the Gcompris interacts perfectly with the systems for which he was projected. – Conformity – it was not possible to verify that the Gcompris this of the laws or norms inside, because of not the access the documentations that if it proves the same. – Security of Access – the Gcompris presents restriction or access security, the administrator of software will be able to materialize which momentneas activities will be displayed during the lesson, thus accomplishing of adequate form the professor, allowing that the excessively using ones cannot use another tool are of the objective of the lesson. 3.1.2 How much to the trustworthiness the Gcompris as any another software is not immune the imperfections in a process of use evaluation, could be observed that it presents lack of backup of the processed information, the treatment for the errors involves more the emotion of what the natural procedures to treat them, and errors in the translation.

Moran Technology

The growth is as bigger of the historical series, behind only of February of 2008, when 1.264.902 new users had been registered in cadastre. This technology came to be, and if it translates new form of cultural writing. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Robotics expert . Its high index of use is rule also in the pertaining to school environment. However, this use lacks of norms and clarification on the ethnic one of its prxis, for the fact of that we live deeply the age of the information and the knowledge, in such a way is necessary inquiry so that if it can to establish its use of ethical form in the classrooms, since this tool gradually is adentrando the pertaining to school universe. Necessary if it makes the search of the true knowledge with which the use of this technology will be justified as form to add knowledge in the pertaining to school environment. The technology concept if discloses as ' ' set of knowledge, scientific principles, that if apply to one definitive branch of atividade' '. 7 Its conception serves to the use of techniques and methods, also is appraised as tools, maquinrios and/or other inventions human beings.

For Bueno (1999, p.87), express technology if as ' ' a continuous process through which the humanity molds, modifies and generates its quality of vida' '. In the educational context, the technology serves to the definitive one for Moran (2006): It is important to always connect education with the life of the pupil. To arrive at the pupil for all the possible ways: for the experience, the image, the sound, the representation (dramatizaes, simulation), for multimedia, for the interaction online and off-line. 8 In extension to the citation of Moran, to connect the academic with the others and too much people for the cellular one. The technologies, the example of the cellular one must be glimpsed as ally of the education.

Sociocultural Context

Adritt de Luna S. Marinho1 Our current scene is resulted of practical historical that reproduces the existing values in a society where it does not have place for all, mainly when if it relates to the technological progress that keeps out of society a significant parcel of the population. In result of the democratization of education and consequent guarantee in offering equality of chance to learn to all, one becomes necessary to think one practical educative inserted one about the context of global the social relations, that considers the alive reality of educating and the alive reality of the society. For this reason, the concrete behaviors of the individuals, groups, organizations and communities, in the picture of the daily life, must be object of research, reflection and analysis. By the same author: Viacom. To this respect, debates and studies on the relation of the social environment and cultural in the learning them individuals have been widely argued. In this field, the interacionistas theories of the development gain space in many circles of debates and research that they search to understand involved relations in the process of acquisition of knowing. Interacionistas theories of the Development the interacionistas theories of the development support in the idea of interaction between the organism and the way.

The acquisition of the knowledge is understood as a process of continuous construction of the human being in its relation with the way. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Peter Asaro on most websites. Organism and way exert reciprocal action. New constructions depend on the relations that establish with the environment in one given situation. Amongst the interacionistas theories they are distinguished: the theory Interacionista Piagetiana and the Theory interacionista Partner of Vygotsky. 1 Pedagoga (UFPE) and student of the course of Latus specialization Sense for FACOL 2 Theory Interacionista de Piaget Piaget conceives the child as an active, intent being and that constantly it creates hypotheses on its environment. Thus, it believes that, in accordance with the period of training of development where the same one if finds, elaborates the knowledge of spontaneous form.

Brazil Schools

When the reality is said in education in Brazil is heterogeneous, because Brazil not yet found its way in the direction to make education with equity and quality for all. It is clearly that magical solutions do not exist, not even a simple formula for this problem that depends on the will politics of the governing, of the professional situation of the professors, of the commitment of the managers, of the quality of the education received for the students in the previous years, of the physical and pedagogical resources of that the schools make use. However, the development of an intellectual and academic context becomes necessary where the pertinent questions to the education are analyzed and argued with the necessary depth and the reach. This is a complex task that the education facultieses must try of some form to solve, a time that many professors leave the facultieses and they are not prepared to use the didactic resources and its multiple functionalities in its field of work this reflects in the quality of education/education that is offered the educandos. She is necessary that the governing, the education facultieses, the managers of schools offer to the professors the chance of if enabling by means of studies with the purpose to learn to use all the didactic resources since simplest to most complex, natural and the artificial ones, old and the modern, the manuals and technological, the printed matters and the virtual ones. One knows that the limitations of the professionals and the disparidades between pertaining to school realities, that is fact, however must be remembered thatboth do not have to be attributed to the professor, but yes to the lack of commitment of the governing, of the managers of schools that do not offer conditions so that the schools, the educators win these disparidades and limitations offering they/they conditions to surpass the inherent challenges to the manuscript of the technologies by means of studies, courses, qualifications and of the insertion of the technologies in the schools, in the form, classrooms that pupils and professors feel motivated to handle, therefore thus the difficulties will only go being surpassed and the acquired learnings of more attractive form. Ahead of the displayed one, she is necessary excessively that the educators assume the commitment to surpass plus this challenge, in its professional lives, thus winning its limitations in this field of the didactic resources and its use in educative development of projects, lessons, or any events.

Social Democracy

We have in Brazil, I think to be the only place of the world, where thoughts, the least in the theoretical form, same bore are dealt with as opposing by mere details. If the PSDB is broken of social democracy, the petistas governments is not in nothing far from this! Where it is, then, opposition and situation? This mobile pair that I also think to be trauma of bipolar reading politician. Where it is the great difference, in the last electoral campaign that we follow, it wants to say, that some had folloied? Of a side it was seen social promise of continuity and politics as the car head to arrive itself in a bigger plan. Visit Ali Partovi for more clarity on the issue. Of the other side the same thing with adjustments and that great problem to swallow that it is the privatization and the terceirizao of sectors old unbroken. They imagine the Social welfare privatized? But the text of the speeches, is clearly that with eleitoreiros objects, it was rigorously the same.

In campaigns in U.S.A. where the politics has differences well more accented and the parties they are well more identifiable had campaigns where if wise person who republican age and who democratical age in does not speak. That is, the evil to read badly is not symptom of social classroom! The evil to read badly is a general symptom. extending reading to interpret it daily and current situations of the life this thing worsening sufficient. In relationships somebody has that to decode the other and exactly thus it has places that the password is not allowed.

In familiar cases they idem. Between friends and people who coexist daily as in the work in the same way and everything this for an only reason: the lack to have learned to read the situations, the texts, the life, the problems of an opened prism more and for a perspective that does not annul possibilities without being relativista. To read everything very badly and many times we ourselves (I and some of reading reading us and that we find in them vacinados against this badly for our efforts) we are displayed to this and we commit crassos or grassos errors (slippery) and this of the one not to be allowed, or same, it has that to be prevented. Therefore ladies and gentlemen the great concern that I have now, from this paragraph, is that the writing above is read copiosa and slowly so that vocs they do not incur into thinking that I superficially criticize something or somebody and that I speak of that does not occur. The reading is basic in any country ahead of this boom of the technology (that if vocs they had not only perceived had acquired the capacity to talk and to understand what they read, but also to influence in us that it we are each time more hostages, and I am not in a tone of scientific fiction), the information and still more of the illusion of whom everything is instantaneous and we know of things before happening. Somebody dies and in hours we know the cause and because beyond already having a biography, an occult history with images and videos of everything. They read, but, please, they read with care, therefore to read is not alone to pass the eyes and to know the combinations of color, has that to understand because the essential word reading is written accurately here.


Pedagogia of the Good will Methodology of education that unites perpetual values to the intellect. I liked! Created for the director-president of the Legion of the Good will, the journalist and educator Jose de Paiva Netto, and applied, successfully, in the net of education and the social programs of the Institution, I was invited and I knew of close the educational line to the LBV, formed for the Pedagogia it Affection, that directs the activities for children until the 10 years of age, and for the Pedagogia of the Ecumenical Citizen, given in the work carried through from the 11 years. This proposal pedagogical, whose primordial objective consists of the promotion of a Culture of Peace, possesss proper methodology: the Method of Learning for Rational Research, Emocional and Intuitiva (MAPREI) available for all person who if interests for education of excellency in this Country through the telephone: 0300 1007 940, by means of which the educandos are continuously stimulated to the research. Another differential of this method is the experience of the ethical, ecumenical values and spirituals, that are extended to the communities where the pupils are inserted. Valley to stand out that the pertaining to school units of the Institution, for presenting index of evasion zero and conviviality of the pupils between itself and with the team of professionals without aggressiveness situations, has shared with the Brazilian and international organizations that look good the practical ones to them undertaken, that they positively reflect in the spaces frequented for the students. *******.

Technological Data

However, when observing the interests of knowledge, all the participants search to know the tools necessary to give continuity of the studies, to obtain a work chance and mainly to be part of the technological revolution that passes the education contemporary. When sailing for the Moodle Environment, I found a text that called me the attention: The Modality – ' ' Education in the distance ' ' of authorship of the Tutor Profa. Esp. Fabiana Marques Coast. when making this reading made, to remember me the course where my wife made in the distance in the Modality. Which the text is very real, with daily activities, therefore the devotion to the studies and the organization to the time have that well to be managed. Therefore, who not to make will have difficulties in concluding it. ' ' So that the pupil gets success in this modality of education, he must be intent the two factors of basic importance, one of them is the comprometimento of the pupil in interacting and to collaborate, sharing knowledge with the colleagues and professors by means of communication tools as fruns of debates, post office or lists of quarrel, beats papos (chat); as factor is the organization of the time to study, that is, the seriousness in managing its time of estudos' ' (BRANCHES; COAST, 2006). For other opinions and approaches, find out what Elon University has to say.

When knowing and going deep the Moodle Environment, the merit of this discovery can exactly be given to the indication of the reading of the book, Moodle: pedagogical strategies and study of case, organized for Lynn Alves, Daniela Barros and Alexandra Okada. the chapter that prevailed was: Moodle: Fashion, craze or Innovation in the Formation. That in my opinion I can detach that the Moodle is not fashion nor craze and yes an innovation in the formation with pedagogical strategies importantssima. Therefore, this platform has an intention to collaborate to know with its users and also it comes creating new faces for an open community.

Water Conservation

For example, if during tooth brushing close the faucet can save up to 30 liters of water per day per person, per day, and year a family of four can save up to 50 thousand liters of water. Saving water – an important matter. After all, even a dripping faucet uses 8,000 liters of water per year, and it's natural resources for which we pay a lot of money. Another tip environmentalists – to use everyday eco-bags for food shopping bags or rag, or if you are already accustomed to a plastic bag, you should use them several times. Environmentalists also recommended to minimize the use of plastic ware. Food and beverages in paper and glass Tarah everything else more or less dangerous than food in plastic. Environmentalists emphasize the need to conserve energy to reduce emissions greenhouse gases, carried out by power plants.

You need to replace incandescent bulbs with modern energy-saving bulbs, turning off unused equipment from the network, use light curtains and wallpaper, washable washing machine only when fully loaded, to use an electric crockery to the bottom, which is equal to or slightly greater than the diameter of the burner, often walking up the stairs and not use the elevator and much more. Expected environmental event in 2010 with the New Year by experts, environmentalists and journalists called environmental events that await us in 2010. First of all – a continuation of negotiations on a post-Kyoto protocol. Already in Earlier this year, diplomats from different countries will resume negotiations on a new climate agreement, and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to establish a commission to solve all the problems that have prevented countries at a conference in December 2009 in Denmark conclude a comprehensive agreement to combat climate change. In 2010, Russia will resume full-scale production plant up and running on a platform of Unit Baltic NPP. In addition, This year could be solved the fate of the grandiose project of building hydroelectric Evenki. Environmentalists say that construction of this enormous energy facility would flood large parts of Evenkia that, in turn, will have a devastating impact on indigenous peoples living there, the nature and the environment. In 2010, the program will continue to restore populations of leopard in the North Caucasus. Familiar with full version of the article and discuss it: ECOportal

The Desired

Student receives an objective assessment of their knowledge: it does not affect sympathy or antipathy of the teacher. Distance learning via the Internet significantly expands the educational opportunities, especially those students who live in small towns or rural areas. Convenient distance learning for those who combine work and study. In this situation, a student is not obliged to adapt to a certain schedule, on the other hand, a well-formulated curriculum does not relax, causing the stick to the desired tempo. Also today, in an era of high-speed technology and total lack of time, communicating via the Internet is often more effective-person contact. For example, a teacher, getting questions via email, can answer them in a convenient time, not worrying, being late for his own lecture.

Save time on the road, the opportunity to receive proper training, being in any part of the country's operational relationship with the teacher – all this makes the distance education attractive to many. The individual approach enables the teacher to organize a full-fledged interaction with students and keep the results of training activities for each child. – What is the difference distance education from other forms of training students for exams? – Distance learning represents a new stage of development of the whole educational system. The technology today allows learning distance education to be not less, and in some cases higher quality than full-time. Our technology allows groups of students and individual students meet with teachers and communicate with each other while on any distance from each other.

Cornell University

Looking to get your bachelor's or master's or other degree online? It is a growing field that is receiving acceptance and approval of all types of career and education goals. The biggest advantage of education degree online is that is a complete college degree program that is delivered over the Internet. All classes, materials, essays and lectures are delivered online. This process allows the student to "attend" class from anywhere at any time that is convenient for them. According to educators from Cornell University, the site offers significant new functionality in transmitting information to the student and to create forums of exchange. The web is revolutionizing some areas of study through increased opportunities for learning and alternative formats of information.

"(Dwyer, Barbieri, and Doerr, 1995). One of the ways it has done this is through the best students and professors of communication between students. Students and teachers can benefit from the use of communication and assessment tools that are available through online learning. The technology also allows students to exercise greater flexibility in their approach to education, depending on what best suits their personal learning styles and busy schedules. In addition, the class material and program is continuously updated to the minute, real-world application. This allows the student to immediately begin applying their new knowledge into their existing work environment. There are many different types of programs available. Students may receive a degree or expertise in many areas such as accounting, marketing, human resources, electronic commerce, information technology, nursing, and even primary education.