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Cyber Love At First Sight

I found myself suddenly and unexpectedly unemployed after more than twenty years in the same job. Before this I had no ambition to own my own business. He had had vague thoughts that it would be great to work from home, but never had had no idea how. I have a computer, and I can read and write fairly quickly. Apart from these, I have the skills that I can see the basis for a home based business. I like reading and all kinds of plants grow, but could not see anybody paying me to stay home and do some of these things. If you'd told me then where I would be today, and what I would have thought they were crazy. I wanted to work, both inside and outside Internet and the more searching, more discouraged me.

Sure, there are jobs but asked that did not meet requirements: some wanted experience, young people and the worst, they wanted people who were willing to work long hours collecting peanuts. I was regularly searching the Internet for job opportunities home. I enrolled at forums and read messages from women who were desperate to work from home, most of them had children and had not been able to find suitable jobs to fit their schedules. It began to seem as if successful a large army of people who want work but can not find the right opportunity that suits them. I enrolled in a couple of companies to obtain payment for reading emails, but reading a couple of emails every day is not the way to make a fortune. I keep reading e-mails to these companies, but only to remember my beginnings. Fortunately, I'm not desperate, waiting for a job come to me. I saw advertisements for paid surveys, and I think we can all make full time incomes answering online surveys.

There are many websites that advise that you never pay a fee to participate in a survey, these sites are the web addresses of various survey companies. At the same time, I saw a lot of advertising a company that promises access to a huge database of best paid surveys companies, paying a fee of only $ 35. I mean I found my niche as a result of my own genius, hard work and perseverance. In fact, it was an accident. I opened one of my accounts for reading emails and clicking on the link I had my first insight into the workings of the companies that paid for answering surveys. The learning curve started here but I save that for another story. I'll tell you one thing I learned: I learned that he had been, once again, very lucky. I joined a couple of forums and read many messages from people who have struggled for years to find a decent home with Internet based businesses. They talked about how stressful the failure, money lost, mounting debts, years of hard work and worry. In a strange way, I almost feel guilty for having achieved almost by chance my monthly income with paid surveys. By David B Seo Gutierrez