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The Systems

It can frown, grumble that he is not at all a connoisseur of geography or not gallant, but your words will remain in his soul. If they are constantly repeated, he would believe in them! And will want to hear again and again. And if you know it complexes or fear, and will pour "balm of flattery" is on the systems – the effect will be twofold. But here we must be particularly sensitive and tactful. Here is an example. A man worries about the size of his manhood? Not need to yell, "Oh, how it is big," a man can take it for mockery. BUT if you say "No man bring me to orgasm this way your cock is perfect to give pleasure" you will be in the strongest point. Man will carry you after that on your hands.

Another big NO. Making compliments, remember the male and female characteristics. No need to say a man that he is gentle. It does not flatter him. But aware that he is strong – to amuse any male ego. Main list of masculinity that are worth praising, and which must be admired: the mind, power, reliability, knowledge, humor, success, logic, skills in bed, style, physical parameters (the fastest, most agile, most powerful press, etc.), and individual qualities that man in himself appreciates. Hunter once more to remember world history and evolution.

Who has always been a man? Hunters and miners. Look at fauna. How are things going there? Males are always fighting for a female.