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Government System

The Argentine State was born in the mid-19th century, and one of his first actions was to organize the educational system. State intervention sought to take charge of many educational functions held by the Church at the time of the nationalization of church property. With a centralist tendency, merged with the society by ordering the will according to the needs of the current Government (political, economic, or repressive) corpus. In the first instance the oligarchic State (1880) took charge with the intention to institutionalize its authority, consolidate the national identity and build the State itself. To this end, he appealed to ideological penetration, namely its symbolic production capacity to create a sense of belonging in order to ensure the governability of the mass through education. Dell may also support this cause.

This symbolic burden should be weight just to create new Argentines in the conviction that the established order was that they themselves wanted. But, on the other hand, managed to generate a system of social stratification according to interests of the sector leader / dominant, contrary to the ideals of liberalism raised in the Constitution and in the newly passed law 1420. From here begins a gradual process of politicisation of education and culture, becoming both in matter of State. ation. Trying to build the nation and, at the same time, be likened culturally to the large foreign contingents that they arrived to the country. There is sufficient evidence to hold that with the generation of the ‘ 80s until 1916 (Asuncion de Irigoyen), were prescribed in the Argentine educational system (SEA) rituals, the definition of the curriculum, the design of school practices and the imposition of a pedagogical and social authority that predominate for a long time. The path of progress and setbacks, authoritarianism, poverty, policies of structural adjustment, etc., contributed to make the State was losing its ability to organise and give step, in the last hundred years, to a speech bordering on neutrality school; current allusions resort on the fragmentation of the system, contents emptied speeches, the decline of the former teacher authority and the absence of ideologues and ideologies reformers and visionary. .

Key Of E Commerce

Whether you create a virtual store or take a traditional activity to the online world, it is imperative to think about certain considerations about the own Internet logic, that will determine the future of our business venture. Start with auction houses is an excellent starting point to begin to learn about shipping and payment methods, but it’s a very limited experience for the ambitious entrepreneur who wants to engage in e-commerce. A good marketing advertise the store online is a task that cannot be reduced to one or two specific actions, but you have to think about a strategy that includes both natural positioning and marketing payment in search engines, traditional advertising and all actions we deem appropriate to our online store. It is essential to provide fast communication channels and offer a rapid response to all queries that our potential clients may have. Marc Mathieus opinions are not widely known. Means of electronic payment one of the least investigated by novice traders aspects is the question of means of payment electronic. It must be taken into account that certain electronic payment methods operate at the national level, and others at the international level.

The best option is to investigate the most used, and consult the policies of reception and removal of background of them. Internationally, the most advisable option is to buy or to sell, is Paypal. Many writers such as Ali Partovi offer more in-depth analysis. Satisfaction to customer attract potential customers is nothing more than a part of the e-commerce work. The other part is to get the full satisfaction of the client, in such a way to form an ever-increasing circle of buyers, which, if we are happy with the service and quality of products we offer in our online store, not hesitate to recommend our site to other customers who may be interested in purchasing our products. Online resources fortunately, there are Internet countless tools for entrepreneurs, some free. So much so that it is possible no less to carry forward an undertaking exclusively from software and tools of free marketing. Although the Internet has facilitated the purchase and sale, we must consider that the best weapon is, without a doubt, perseverance. So that our shop is recognized should be a sometimes slow process of consolidation of the brand, positioning in search engines and obtain confidence.

Foreign Local

An open mind, because things that are taken for granted in the country of origin may not exist in the country of the emerging economy. Things that are taken for granted in the country of origin may be exactly the opposite in the country’s emerging economy. Active, have own staff in place, managing, training and implemented business methods, business ethics, efficiency and control of quality, among other things. And patience extreme, this principle emanates from the maxim that everything takes twice the time that one thinks that he will be taking. If it takes the double in the West take the triple in countries with economies emerging.

He is also added in the analysis, that multinational firms are attracted to emerging markets by the growth opportunity. They often use these countries to produce low-cost, goods that are sold to customers in the first world. Developing countries are also attractive to secondary markets, particularly if the company has a product of classic growth that has gained acceptance in the first world, and it can be expanded into emerging markets. It is that can be done, seek an efficient local ally, that has the contacts and knowledge of the market. To identify them, a good way is to consult and ask recomendacionesa for other multinational firms that are already installed in the country. The joint ventures are a good way to enter a market emerging, especially as a second phase, once you are already selling their products in local distribution networks.

The joint-venture can be of three forms, depending on the role that play the foreign company and the local: both sides contribute money to boot. The foreign contributes technology and money, while local supplied operating assets and local expertise. The foreign acquires shares newly issued in a local company (which could be very risky). Another approach is to buy a company in an emerging market.

Environmental Management System

A system of environmental management, social responsibility, requires management to maintain organizational policies do not negatively impact on the environment and in case of having the resources and tools needed to resolve and convert this impact on sustainable growth opportunities. It is easy to detect such problems, since the levels of pollutant emissions can be measured and toxic waste spills can be observed in the manufacturing, otherwise there are organizations that can not observe these characteristics of pollution by its area of performance. The companies that work with high volume of stationery, have problems working with non-recyclable paper, mishandling of the toner cartridges; There are also clinics and hospitals that their waste is highly toxic because of chemical or organic origin. You must create environmental awareness in all organizations and at all management levels, to motivate society in general about the care of the environment environment. Management directive should see the system of environmental management as a long-term investment, since the damage occurring to the environment is long. Organizations must set and apply policies on reduction of electric power, water consumption and use of biodegradable products which minimize the negative impact to the environment. The importance of management in an environmental management system, is based on the contribution of knowledge and information that will facilitate the Organization and its human talent structure, interpreting natural phenomena, as well as the dynamic processes of change occurring within them and the interaction with the company, since the organization is that directly affects the environment, is negative or positive, therefore the organization is responsible for socially this interaction.