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Pixmac Now At Ccvision

ccvision.de, the Europe-wide Active Image Portal extended royalty free microstock images immediately his portfolio. For a long time, InspireStock ccvision in addition to professional products from the House of creativ collection also products offered by quality others, such as E.g. David Treadwell helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. PhotoAlto, Pantone, etc. In cooperation with the innovative Microstockanbieter Pixmac offers ccvision.de from now photos from 0.99. The microstock are pictures in a private area presented and remain separate from the classical picture offer. The customer retains control, the entire spectrum of image offers to access and maximize its budget, without sacrificing quality. Speaking candidly Alina de Almeida told us the story. An additional plus point for the image buyers is the billing in euros. At most microstock companies the direct costs of the image mask through the use of credits.

The customer must occur in advance and only buy a prime credits. Then, these credits with the purchase of images will be charged. Almost always stick credits left, which lapse occurs after a certain period of time except the customer again in advance. ccvision here deliberately chooses a customer-friendly way. Eliminates the annoying prepayment in the form of credits with expiration date. The images are charged in euro. All costs remain transparent. This offer is unique on the image market. More information is available on the pages of de / microstock press release of creativ collection Verlag GmbH, Basel RT 61, 79111 Freiburg im Breisgau, contact: Robert Haralambie, Tel.: 0761 / 47924-17, fax: 0761 / 47924-11


There are mostly books, travel and clothing preferably purchased via the Internet. There are mostly books, travel and clothing preferably purchased via the Internet. More than 60 percent of Internet users reading occasionally but more often on the Internet. Lower rates apply for consumers, transparency and the comparability of the offers as an important criterion in the Internet to shop. In addition even the independence of opening hours and the freedom of choice. This is a very important, also to buy and often the main criterion in the Internet to look for very many. Especially popular is the online shopping just before Christmas. The provider points with very fast delivery if you early enough before Christmas begins with finding and buying Christmas gifts.

Christmas gifts can be ordered however often still in the week before Christmas online. But it can happen, that just the desired product is already sold out. We recommend enough therefore, soon to launch online search and ordering. Christmas gifts sooner buy a reduced the annual ‘Christmas stress’! So much the better, you can visit the cosy and often atmospheric Christmas markets and completely relaxed enjoying the delicacies offered and the mulled wine. Weinhnachtsgeschenke buy online from reputable companies, excludes the security risk. We wish you much fun with shopping online! Enjoy the advent season and 2010 comfortably give these a go.

ARAG Informs Social Networks

Dusseldorf, March 2, 2010 social networks and other communications services in the Internet enjoy large and steadily increasing popularity. February 24, 2010 – social networks and other communications services on the Internet are enjoying large and steadily increasing popularity. Read additional details here: David Treadwell. These offers are usually very entertaining, entertaining and offer various ways of communication with new and old acquaintances. However, attention to ARAG experts when using on some of the risks and rules, which should be followed. + Twitter + the short message service is Twitter, which enables the sending of text messages up to 140 characters, currently all the rage, because, for example, many celebrities use this service. So can you follow around easily and at any time, what does Demi Moore on housework while her husband on the couch’s taking a NAP. The current sharing of (text) information, that are available to all followers, is the main feature of Twitter.

Many individuals use this service now, around the world with more or less to provide interesting information about yourself. But here is beware it, especially what you tweeting, because the Internet is not a completely legal vacuum. With bad criticism of the employer or a chat by confidential companies internals you should restrain prefer, since this usually a violation of contractual obligations can be seen. Of course, you should use is also not alien identities, warn ARAG experts. The name is protected by the rights and such presumption of name not allowed. Also you should use better not somebody else’s photos, protected logos or even cartoon characters as profile picture or elsewhere, to be not called off by rights holders and confronted with claims for compensation. In violation of trademark or copyright a whole armada of lawyers is available often already, the culprit to track and collect fees. Like in real life can by themselves of course also in the Internet Expose the insults, slander or other criminally relevant acts of law enforcement by the authorities.

Internet Mobile Web Apps Today

Online marketing and offline marketing company the perfect interplay of corporate objectives and public relations work via Internet, multimedia marketing, mobile-Web-marketing, mobile media marketing, social media marketing, apps, as well as media and IT is today essential. Enable enterprises in a timely, targeted and effective the new Mon? possibilities of Internet, multimedia, mobile Web, mobile media, apps, use media and IT in your own company and insert ko? tonnes, now practice-oriented briefings take place. Clearly structured, medial u? mountain maturing marketing and media concepts are compared here with proven examples of usage and delivered. Only with the right, aligned on a company’s core competence strategy a contemporary online and offline presence, as well as the expansion of market shares is feasible today. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Robotics expert . TODAY’S COMMUNICATION WITH CUSTOMERS AND TARGET GROUPS… In the age of digital media, customers and audiences have long not only on the Internet move. Information such as just-in-time and convenient u be like today? over the mobile Platforms such as smartphone (iPhone and co.) or Tablet PCs researched and obtained.

Who here not pra? is sent, by mo? new buyers may no longer perceived. But how should a PRA? be structured and constructed presence on these new platforms? Which networks with other online services such as social networking and co. make sense. How much is E.g. the development of an app that is geared to the needs of a company? It is useful erga? shiny offline media such as CD, DVD, Blu – ray disc, USB flash drive, Flash – storage media to use? Many questions… the companies now using verifiable information na? must be brought. Entrepreneurs, marketing officers and marketing decision makers in small and medium-sized enterprises meet from now to state-of-the latest multimedia updates.

Berlin Festival

The intro Verlag, which publishes the journal ‘Intro’ and the ‘Festival Guide’, has opted for the introduction of the editorial and content-management-system InterRed. Aim was to introduce a central platform for the Newsroom concept. This is designed to simplify the cross-media production of the in-house print, online, mobile and Tablet strategies and therefore you accelerate implementation of new formats, as well as reduce the cost of the process. Auflagenstark, recognized and supported by InterRed the intro Verlag was founded in 1991 and today has offices in Cologne and Berlin. The Publisher is including intro for a variety of recognized publications responsible”for over 15 years, highest-circulation independent German magazine for pop culture and lifestyle, as well as Festival Guide, Europe famed medium for the festivals of the whole open air season.

“The network affiliates organize in the melt Festival!” and the Berlin Festival “, which takes place annually. In addition, in particular the website is”known as one of the strongest reach portals for music and scene. Interest on reader page and therefore high user numbers provide daily news, live dates, CD reviews, a large community as well as an extensive archive containing all content print from more than 15 years. InterRed provides a uniform basis for the different publications of the publishing of the intro and made possible by a media-neutral data storage quick and easy publication of content in the most diverse, popular media. Thus, InterRed, offers also by supporting automatisms, the prerequisites for complex process optimization, which is reflected, for example, in accelerated and user-friendly workflow.

New opportunities through multi channel publishing the content management and editorial system InterRed opens up publishers such as the intro GmbH & Co KG, particularly with regard to the continually changing production processes, various new opportunities. Workflows for creating so far heterogeneous media such as print, online, mobile and EPUB are merged. The creation, editing, and output this from a single source “possible. This is the system due to the high degree of flexibility both for high load portals and extensive print objects, as well as for smaller publications. Hochperformant and forward-looking InterRed provides this solution an extensive cross-media publishing.

Online Shop Operator

iClear cooperates with Gambio Mannheim, October 23, 2008 – iclear, the provider for secure payments on the Internet, is partner of Gambio in terms of online payment processing. Both companies have now agreed to this. Sundar is a specialist for the development and advancement of sophisticated software for eCommerce in combination with professional support. The Gambio OHG in Bremen-based develops and markets sophisticated software for online shops on the basis of the widely used shop system xt: Commerce. Tailored solutions and professional support, which quickly and efficiently meets the current requirements of the customers are among the strengths of the company among others strongly to individual requirements. “Sundar’s Managing Director Daniel Schnadt: with our products and services, we serve mainly the middle class and small businesses up to 80 employees.” For these companies, there are personal contacts and turn-key”solutions of great importance. Especially eCommerce newbies trust on us.

“Because it has got now in the market around, that Gambio offers ideal solutions even for novice users.” When programming, the company put emphasis that a shop operator easily can put the Gambio products, even if he has no programming knowledge. Still occurring questions, a competent team of both the programming and the service am the customer. We have iclear thoroughly tested”, so the Gambio-chef, and are of the view that this is a sensible and above all easy to use complement of our range of payment methods. Amazingly we find the fiduciary aspect, in contrast to other systems both sides buyers as sellers are a unlimited security. This is unique on the market.”iclear Managing Director Michael Sittek: we are very pleased that Gambio iclear offers its merchants for the secure processing of online payments. This is just for online shop pros like Sundar a special vote of confidence.” Iclear (www.iclear.de): The Internet billing system, which protects buyers and sellers alike from unpleasant surprises at the online trade and supports the comfortable processing of order and payment process is iclear. With your iclear trust system buyers in the Internet can goods after one-time registration order and pay comfortably, easy, safe, and no additional cost.

iClear this mediates between the parties involved, ensures a transparent, mutually secure processing. It as confidence in online trading and payment via the Internet. In addition to the usual bank payment due iclear also the statement of visa and master card accepted. Currently several hundred thousand registered iclear users at around 3,000 connected Internet retailers can buy. iclear is an offer of iclear GmbH with seat in Mannheim, Germany and Managing Director are my iclear Switzerland GmbH. Roman Eiber and Michael Sittek.

The LTE Cellular Network

In Nuremberg, one of the largest test stands for the new 4G-Standard Stockholm term should have according to media reports on the new mobile wireless standard long front evolution (LTE) to Germany the nose. The first LTE network has been unlocked in the Swedish capital. Mobile customers can now surf with a rapid speed via mobile phones, notebook and computer through the Web. A data transfer speed of up to 150 Mbits per second in the downlink and 50 Mbit per second in the uplink was announced. These data rates are to be achieved in the second stage.

However, still corresponding LTE phones are missing so that the operator TeliSonera must rely on special USB sticks from Samsung. So completely behind the Moon Germany however, is not. For even more details, read what Steve Wozniak says on the issue. To prepare for the new technology, mobile communication providers use the test equipment from Nash Technologies in Nuremberg, which belong to the largest worldwide. The network covering 25 square kilometers is already prepared for LTE and enables mobile narrow boards, telecommunications equipment manufacturers. Network components as well as network operators, content providers and chip manufacturers, to check their solutions and products on stability and performance. While different bandwidths and radio conditions can be set to make a bespoke mobile network on the legs. With the private mobile network you could test such as stability and reliability in different environments and under different wireless load profiles according to Nash technologies quality, in the city centre or in the road network. Companies can optimize here specific network settings and configurations and test devices that are not yet on the market, in a real mobile radio environment, review the performance of individual devices, as well as the quality of language, explains Dirk Zetzsche, Director at Nash Technologies.

In addition, it is possible to undergo a hardness test devices under different wireless load profiles. Smaller network providers that do not own test environment entertain, have the opportunity to network with the latest transmission technology. When the new cellular technology it’s now, to not make the same mistake as in UMTS and very quick to install the devices and applications on the market. However, the success of applications for smartphones is a very favorable start condition for LTE.

Substance Elle

Well roared lion. This set requires concrete action. After de Maiziere brings his remarks directly to data security. This can be one be not surprised, if lives out his Cabinet colleague Ilse Aigner her role as Minister of consumer protection in the fight against Google and social networks and with great fanfare celebrated their Facebook exit. Substance Elle positions over the coming Web worlds so not arise”, Sangeeta says. Dabang speaks in this context of the need for a structure ideas market economy “. Ali Partovi is actively involved in the matter. The State must align the infrastructures of the future. For example, the Federal Government could be a binding timetable ‘ issue for the expansion of broadband Internet.

That would not cost more than the rescue of a bank about 60 billion euros, “, explains Darko. No one would decide to take such a step. A super fast Internet is essential for the economy and for the transformation to the knowledge-based society. The same people who don’t want to give the 60 billion for the future, of course, argue that the decisive impetus to Germany’s economic miracle of the energetic and uncompromising expansion of the motorway network in the 1960s was, who created a modern infrastructure for Germany”, continues dark. An uncompromising expansion of the Internet would have a similar sized positive impact. Policy underestimated the innovation revolution of the Internet the innovation revolution of the Internet are by opinion leaders still underestimated.

Technologies and business methods can become worthless overnight. Established industries go down and new ones. The stimulus package of the Government is but an indication of the wrong accents in economic policy. To achieve robust growth, we must provide the traditional industries with short-acting tax revenues with a half-life of only minor. Thus delayed transition processes”the Federal Government, says Peter Walker Madrigal, Chief Executive of Frankfurt after sales service provider Bitronic. Now an economic policy is needed, which departs from outdated productions and determined on an innovative transformation the economy is working.


inside-intermedia system inside-handy.de the inside-intermedia systems develops iPhone app iPhone app released the inside-handy.de. Using the new application, iPhone users can now even easier on the go access content of mobile-knowledge portal inside-handy.de. So owners of smartphones can retrieve up-to-date mobile phone news, mobile data sheets, photo galleries and podcasts in a version optimized for the iPhone. The iPhone app with one click provides access to the latest mobile phone news via the news section. Information are just as quick to overtake on the comprehensive mobile database, inside-handy.de, heart. This offers overviews of 2,000 mobile phones with data to approximately 400 features to which users have access. More features inside-handy.de the app to search a gallery about the users can browse through the image galleries with photos of new mobile phones, software and events and a search tool with the users immediately find the information you want, long without. In the event that a User has missed the most important mobile news of the last few days the inside-handy.de app provides the right solution: fans of the inside-handy.de podcasts can directly on the session by inside-handy.de access, which means you need to the audio files no longer load directly on your mobile phone.

In the session, the Newsflash with the current issues of the mobile phone world appears once a week. The inside-handy.de is app for free through the app store for the iPhone available for download. Link to the inside-handy.de iPhone app: iphone app after the successful launch of the inside-handy.de application works on other iPhone apps and new features for the inside-handy.de the team of the inside-intermedia system version. On the inside-intermedia system, the inside-intermedia System GmbH & co. KG is a full service agency for Internet applications and mobile services. In addition to the knowledge, the Bernau near Berlin-based company portals of inside-intermedia group develops Web applications for well-known customers. In addition to the Application development for mobile devices (e.g. iPhone) the optimization of existing Web pages and stores are among the services of the Agency.

Agency Cyberday GmbH

Cyberday runs the American Dental online shop of the number of online shop and the home page of American Dental present system since March 15 in a fresh and modern design. Behind the relaunch was mainly the idea to improve the ease of use of the website and to make online shopping more pleasant and more efficient. The new look and navigation to facilitate the orientation and let will reach the desired target customers with just a few clicks. New features save time and in addition to the modern look online shop was equipped system effort by American Dental also with a number of new, practical features, such as, for example, the shopping by catalog “-function.” This allows a fast and simple purchasing and it is suitable in particular for standard products, which are ordered at regular intervals. In addition, the customer receives his account starting immediately an overview of all orders and downloads. From the tray to the dental pliers on, the online customer finds that complete range of speciality Depot, which consists of high-quality, innovative materials and devices. In addition to the purchase of products the dentists and dentists for the first-class training from the home of American Dental can register system. The workshop range extends over the fields of Endodontics, aesthetics/function and aesthetics/restoration of Periodontics/implantology and is run by well-known speakers.

News from dentistry, product highlights and innovative techniques to the customers to offer informative value, the homepage was revised system of American Dental. The appealing design and the abundance of interesting contributions to innovative products and techniques, as well as the latest dental trends from the United States invite you to surf and relax. In addition, clinical cases are presented visitors in a varied mix of media that demonstrates application of products and presented product highlights. The shop was the Implemented E-Commerce Agency Cyberday GmbH from Munich.